A story is told of a confrontation between the wisest man in a certain village and a boy. It was said that the wise man could answer any question put to him.

One day, the story goes, a boy confronted the wise old man with a question. Cupped in the boy’s hand was a butterfly.

“Is the butterfly in my hand dead or alive”, he asked the wise old man. The man looked long and hard at the boy.

“The life of that butterfly is in your hands”, answered the wise old man. “If I say that the butterfly is alive, you will squeeze and kill it. On the other hand, if I say its dead you will just open your hand and let the butterfly fly away”.

The moral of this story is neither here nor there.

The Kikuyu are in the unenviable position of determining whether the beautiful country called Kenya lives in peace and harmony  after the upcoming general elections, or not. Not because they are affiliated to one Osama Bin Laden, and his alqaida network, or that they  are followers of one Jesus christ- but because of the presidency.

The kikuyu need the presidency like they need a hole in the head. They have had kibaki as a president for close to ten years now. How many has he given jobs to? Has their mpesa a/c suddenly oveflown with cash? Has any of them gotten an extra quarter acre of land? How about an increase in the number of sufurias in their  kitchens, (as moi was wont to put it)? Give me ONE F-ng tangible benefit to a Kikuyu  courtesy of kibaki being a member of their  tribe! For four years IDPs from the Kikuyu community are still languishing in tents with kibaki in power, can I paint the picture any more graphic?!

And Imagine this was the era of the old constitution when a president was, for all practical purposes and intents, above the law. If the president didn’t do much for them during those years, you can rest assured another  Kikuyu president  will do nothing now, when the presidency is virtually ceremonial.

By clinging on to the idea that we must have a Kikuyu president, the Kikuyu inadvertently give credence to  the erroneous perception by kenyans of the other tribes that when a tribe has the presidency, all members of the tribe benefit immensely!

Most kikuyu depend much more on business to eke out a living. What they need Isn’t a president from their  tribe, but a conducive environment to carry out the various activities to earn a living as they’ve  always done.

I’m not saying that presidents from other tribes will give them the conducive environment, no. Having a president from another community will just remove this resentment against the kikuyu for monopolizing the presidency, thus helping in cohesion and integration- all food for business to thrive.

A by-product of the Kikuyu campaigning for presidential aspirants from other tribes is that Kenyans will now shift focus from the current mode of campaign which is all about defeating the Kikuyu versus  the Kikuyu hanging on for dear life not to lose the presidency, as if their lives start and end with the presidency!

Then and only then will the campaigns gradually become issue based.

I’ll state here without “fear or favour” that  any Kikuyu presidential candidate now is actually an enemy of the Kikuyu. He or she is a person who is willing to sacrifice the Kikuyu community  at the alter of His/her presidency. S/He doesn’t care whether your business collapses, your social contacts desert you, Nothing. As long as s/he becomes the president you can go to hell for all he/she cares! Or even worse maybe the leaders are myopic, can’t see beyond their very short noses. This speaks volumes about the supporters of such leaders. All of you supporting such leaders are like the clueless fly that followed the corpse to the grave!

It doesn’t matter whether the Kikuyu presidential candidate is a genius or not. As things stand now, all that most kenyans, especially ODM supporters,  will see and hype on is the Kikuyu in him/Her. In fact, if the genius  Albert Einstein  came back to life, and ran for the presidency, and it came to light that his third name is NJUGUNA, all anyone would  remember, by the time of voting, is that he is a Kikuyu or a “mt Kenya Mafia”!

I know some intellectual morons who will tell me Kenyans have changed, and that those are not the facts on the ground. To all of them this is what I’ll say in advance: Get your tiny brains out of the sand, or even worse, from politicians’ and NGO’s pockets!

To all my brothers in Kikuyu community, the peace butterfly is in your hands. You can set it free by letting  go of your presidential ambitions and we all live in peace in Kenya. Alternatively, you can squash and kill it by hanging on to your stupid idea of “the Kikuyu fought for independence so they deserve the presidency”, which will force the other tribes to unite (like they did under ODM in 2007) to try and pry your claws out of the statehouse. The rest will be history.

This is a proposal for all the enlightened kikuyus. I realize we are few, but we can pass the message to our acquaintances. Do your bit.

Until we get over the idea of presidency as benefiting a tribe, we are headed nowhere as a country.

I know that all them big book state that everyone has the democratic right to run for presidency, what they forgot to include is that democracy must be tempered with a little common sense…

We need to start by giving Musalia Mudavadi at least a five year term as the president   



  1. kevo Says:

    nice piece

  2. Manish Says:

    Awesome article.I wish more Kenyans would think like you!

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