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Kalonzo/Mudavadi Combination the best shot NASA has at Defeating Jubilee in August Eighth 2017

March 3, 2017

Anyone who thinks that the Kikuyu aren’t hurt by the Jubilee gvt’s scandals, especially the NYS one, is Myopic. However, Anyone who thinks that the kikuyu will vote for Raila whatever clothe he dons- (ODM, CORD,NASA)- is a moron. They wont. As I have said before, Raila is the only reason even dead kikuyus vote for Uhuru. In fact, without the sword of Damocles called Raila hanging over the Kikuyu community, they would vote for somebody else or simply refrain from voting.

Now, there is no way anyone in his or her right mind would vote for Wetangula. This leaves Kalonzo and Mudavadi as the only choices for the NASA’s flag bearer position. Incidentally, the two politicians are quite mild in mannerism are are likely to contribute to the national healing.


The fact that he came up with the idea of the opposition super alliance gives hima definite edge. his mild, non antagonistic attitude can be an asset for the country. He has the capacity to galvanize the support of all the western Kenya and a huge chunk of the Rift Valley, especially if he were to harp on his close ties with the Moi family.  Qite a sizable group of the kikuyus would consider him a pair of safe hands as opposed to one Raila Odinga. Some kikuyus would vote for him, a large group would still vote for Uhuruto, and a sizable group would simply refrain from voting as they no longer fear the threat of a Raila Presidency. Mudavadi cannot depend on Kikuyu’s votes, but would immensely benefit from the ones not voting.

The only drawback to Mdavadi’s presidency is the fact that without Kalonzo Musyoka’s name at the ballot, the chances of Kalonzo’s  supporters bolting for other parties or even refraining from voting are pretty high. Losing over  two million votes is not particularly advantageous and can deal a big blow to his presidency.


Looks and demeanor aside, Kalonzo can easily get support across the country especially if NASA supported him. he has worked with the Kikuyu before when they needed him most and unlike Raila, he served his full term as the Vice president to President Kibaki without any antagonism. The kikuyu consider him a pretty reasonable and moderate person and many would actively vote for him to see whether he can change things. The whole of the Meru region would also gravitate towards Kalonzo.

His being a devout Christian would be a plus to him. If ony he can get the support from NASA, Kalonzo would be unbeatable.

I would suggest that NASA fronts Kalonzo as President with Mudavadi as the running mate. They can have an agreement -I am avoiding the use of the term MOU- in which Kalonzo serves for one term and Mudavadi takes over in 2022. This would be a formidable combination which would easily trounce Jubilee.



Of Moi’s Free Milk and UhuRuto’s Free Maternity

February 10, 2017

I believe that the whole of my life I have directly benefited from only two governments: Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta’s, governments. Incidentally, I loved, campaigned and defended President Kibaki’s government the most in all the four governments.

I still consider the Kibaki government the most professional and economical development minded government Kenya have had so far. Of course much of the gains were undone following the 07/08 PEV. I personally gained Zilch, but at least the Kibaki government laid a firm economic foundation.

Moi’s government, the worst regime ever to grace the Kenyan politics, gave me free MILK  during my primary school years. Considering that the government had been in power for close to three decades, the value of that milk was less than the 50 bob given to the youth to cause mayhem in the guise of campaigning  for politicians.

My first-born daughter was born on 30th December 2015 at Kenyatta National Hospital through Cesarean section . The bill amounted to ksh.39, 495. Thanks to Uhuruto’s free maternity policy, I didn’t pay a SINGLE PENNY! It might not be much, but considering the raw deal I have suffered in all them other governments, it was virtually a wind fall.

Female Genital Mutilation: who Is To Blame? How do we Stop FGM? #EndFGM

February 6, 2017

Female Genital Mutilation(FGM)is a harmful antiquated cultural practice in some societies involving grievous injuries to the female genitalia for non-medical reasons. traditionally FGM was practiced, and it is still practiced to date in many African and Muslim communities. We still have no clear explanations of the cultural purposes behind the FGM,and the current peddled lies about the FGM preventing promiscuity among women is a sieve: doesn’t hold any water.The fact that the FGM practice has more adverse effects physically and socially is not in doubt. As a human society we are faced with the question of why the practice continues despite the resources, both human and financial thrown at activities meant to stop it. My Position is that we need to interrogate the practice thoroughly and to come get insight concerning the perpetrators responsible for the perpetuation of this heinous act. Only then will be be able to focus and target our interventions to have maximum impact on ending the practice.

From my studies on culture change, I have come to the unfortunate realization that as cultures change, the good and functional parts of traditional cultures are the first ones to quickly be dropped as new ones are adopted. People somehow manage to hang onto the harmful and oppressive relics of cultures. FGM happens to be one of those sticky harmful cultural practices that is unlikely to go away any time soon. FGM has been known to contribute to many deaths of the child, and even the mother during childbirth. FGM is taken by the parents and the girls as a stamp for marriageability, and many girls are carted away to their 50 year old husbands as soon as they heal. Most of these girls are just children whose bodies are yet to mature enough for childbearing and yet most of them are pregnant within the first year of marriage. Needless to say, the mortality rate among this group is high.

From where I sit,it is clear that men would insist on the wives having undergone FGM if they believe it works somehow in their favor. Some nut somewhere came up with the idea that destroying the women sexually would make men dominate the women. In most patriarchal societies,Men are the only human beings allowed to enjoy sex. Women are supposed to be objects for satisfying the male desires. In traditional societies, men were allowed to marry as many women as possible. it was rare for a woman to marry many men, unless we are talking about what Rudyard Kipling called “the World’s oldest profession”. Having many wives exposed the man to the likelihood of not meeting all his wives sexual needs and the possibility of the wives seeking this service in other men. This insecurity must have given many a man sleepless nights. To them the only way to ensure that their wives did not stray even when neglected was to destroy their sexual organs. How the FGM practice was packaged to and sold to women, I am yet to get my mind around, given that it is actually the women who do all the mutilation on the girls. Of course, the practice has been modernized to the extent that it is practiced in hospitals- probably by male doctors. I suspect that originally the women were threatened with death through lightening from angry gods if they did not allow their daughters to undergo the process.Men must have sat down came to the conclusion that to make the practice stick, they should include FGM among the other qualifications such as virginity for marriage.

The perpetrators of FGM are women, supported by a patriarchal system geared towards oppressing the same women. The practice is physically carried out by women of senior ages. The inspection on whether a prospective wife is a virgin and has undergone the cut is done by women.I understand that the inspections for marriage are carried out under adversarial circumstances as the women would most probably be looking for excuses for the girl not to be married into their household. However, it is still done by women.

My contention here is that women bear the greatest responsibility of ending FGM. It can be done. It has to be done. Women, Please stop FGM on our young girls!

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Is jail term really worth it? #CBASeven

January 26, 2017

Seven leaders of the Doctors Union (KMPDU) risk spending a month in jail following a two week ultimatum issued by the courts over the prolonged doctors’ strike. The doctors have stuck to their guns arguing that only the implementation of a CBA signed between the doctors and the government in 2013. The doctors have argued that they are fighting for the improvement of the healthcare system in Kenya, besides fighting for better work conditions for the doctors. If the government has not moved an inch to implement the CBA this far, Going to jail won’t make it budge.

If the doctors think that the raia will care that they were fighting for their healthcare rights, maybe they should be reminded of Matiba, Raila and Rubia who “suffered” for Kenyans yet few, if any, care that they sacrificed a lot for them.

Going to jail to have a salary increment is the height of stupidity. Even if one is looking into getting into politics, there are better ways. I cant recall Boni Khalwale ever being anywhere near Kakamega GK Prison.

Causes of Cancer

January 24, 2017

Cancer is currently the most dreaded killer disease in the world. Cancer is feared for its prolonged painful death. Given that prevention is better than cure, I’ve tried to compile a list of all the factors thought to either cause or predispose one to Cancer.
> Carcinogenic substances
> Cigarettes
> Red meat
> White meat
> Any type of meat
> Cereals
> Fish
> dust
> rain
> beer
> Fruits
> Vegetables
> sex, or lack thereof
> bread
> Ugali
> Mukimo
> breathing in oxygen
> breathing out carbon (iv) Oxide
> Walking
> Siting down
> sleeping
> exercising
> lack of exercises

The above list is not exhaustive. Listening to professional and laymen alike, anything you do or don’t do is likely to make one contract the dreaded disease.Apparently the only safe people form cancer are the dead ones.

You might choose to live in fear of the disease and live a very miserable life or decide to live your life to the fullest despite the war drums of cancer.

Doctors actually do more harm than good to humanity #LipaKamaTender

January 23, 2017

For starters, lets all be in agreement on one simple fact: we are all mortal. even the doctors will die sooner or later; death happens to the best of us at some point in our lives. In other words, at best, doctors merely postpone death.Is postponing death a good or a bad thing to the individual patient? To humanity in general? My contention is that by postponing death of the sickly weak individuals, doctors help in perpetuating weaknesses and illnesses in the humanity at large. Without doctors, the living would have a healthy life.

Doctors do very good work especially in dishing out painkillers and placebos to momentarily alleviate the suffering of the individual. The problem checks in when the doctors get it into their heads to give medications to cure an illness that would have killed a patient today only for the same patient to die two years later of yet another ailment. In the two years before the patient passes on, s/he is probably fit enough to meet with a partner say his wife or her husband and give rise to an offspring who has the same weak genes.

If we did not have doctors, the sick ones would be left alone. Those with weak genes would succumb to the illness while those with strong genes would recover and survive. The strong ones would pass their strong genes to their offsprings which would culminate in a healthy society where doctors are no longer needed.

Doctors are more of a liability than an asset to the human race. They make the society weaker and unhealthier and by and large contribute to emergence and pain caused by the myriad of ailments currently faced by the human society.

Should the striking doctors be paid according to their CBA Agreement? By all means. It is their right and they deserve fair pay for the hard work they do of making sure that the society remains unhealthy and thus providing jobs for medical professionals in the future.

Deputy President William Ruto for president 2017!

June 21, 2016

After Kabogo opened the can, worms be slithering allover Mt. Kenya region! Leaders from the region are falling over  themselves and frothing in the mouth to distance themselves from his remarks.This is common knowledge that most kikuyu leaders are planning to prop yet another kikuyu as their presidential flag bearer in 2022. Most of the political leaders are myopic hypocrites whose only concern is trying to rescue the political fortunes of President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017, and then tell Ruto to take a hike in 2022. Being the shortsighted buggers that they are, they do not realize that their actions of lack of reciprocation for Ruto will poison the relationship of the inhabitants of the Rift Valley, leading to a situation similar to ’07/’08. Most voters wouldn’t have a problem voting for Ruto in 2022, but the leaders are sure to find some propaganda to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

I don’t think there is any good that will be served by President Uhuru going for a second term. He has done pretty good in this first term.  If he steps down in favor of his deputy Ruto, he would leave an unmatched legacy and will be respected all over the world.

President Uhuru stepping down will remove the kikuyu factor that Raila thrives on. Without a kikuyu to hate on, Raila’s political career will be as dead as a dodo.

By the way, the odds of President Uhuru getting a second term with an alienated Rift Valley region are worse than the ones of Kibaki’s reelection. Then again, Maybe our leaders are right that the Rift Valley voters are somehow slow…

Ruto’s chances of ever being a president are only real in 2017. After this even the Rift valley votes will be a mirage to him, let alone the mt kenya ones.

With William Ruto being voted in as president in 2017, it would then be easy to embark on a rotational presidency.  Ruto should then pass the baton to governor Mutua in 2022.  Mutua should serve his 5 years and hand over to a peron from Luo Nyanza. The person from this region should serve his term and the presidency should then move to the coast province.

ITS time We stop hating each others’ tribe over the presidency and concentrate on socially repairing our frayed social fabric.




Of Kabogo’s “Mt.Kenya” Truth and its 2017 elections effects

June 10, 2016

It has been common knowledge for quite sometime now that none of the leaders of the Mt.Kenya region was too keen on having Deputy President William Ruto as the President of Kenya after President Uhuru Kenyatta. The talk of “tutigacokia guoko” has been allover, including on mass media such Inooro TV.  Kabogo simply stated the obvious, his sin being that he has never met the french saying “thiya ithuire Mumianiriri”.

Way back in 2011 or thereabouts, I really hated, and was disgusted by suggestions and claims by the opposition to the effect that Kikuyus can never vote for a person who is not a kikuyu as president. I was disabused of this notion after the acrimonious  falling out between Mudavadi and Uhuru just prior to the 2013 general elections. I used to blame Raila for MOU conflict with Kibaki which precipitated their parting of ways. I really believed that the Kikuyu would  have voted for Raila if he had laid low like Moi did during Kenyatta’s era.Ruto has laid low for all this time despite all the criticism in his backyard only to be rewarded with a shrug from the Mt.Kenya region. with the benefit of hindsight, Raila was right to jump rather than waiting to be pushed.

Whether Mt.Kenya Vote for Ruto or not isn’t supposed to be such a big deal, but for the ethnic-based politics kenya embraces. In presidential elections most kenyans  vote as an ethnic  block depending on the promises their tribal kingpins give them. Most of the people who vote for a president who isnt a tribesman have promises of reciprocal reward when “their time comes”. Most Kalenjins Voted for Uhuru on the premise that kikuyus will vote for Ruto in 2022. This is where the problem of Mt. Kenya not voting for William Ruto  checks in. Uhuru still needs Ruto to convince the Kalenjins to vote for him in 2017 general elections, Unless he listens to some of those deluded kikuyus who believe they have the numbers to elect a president on their own.

The “official” pronouncement  by Kabogo will embolden the deputy president’s rivals in the rift valley, which will pull the ethnic block votes rug from under Ruto’s feet. The likes of Isaac Ruto have just received a lifeline in their erstwhile fading political careers. Without Rift valley’s votes, President Uhuru will have an uphill task  getting reelected in 2017.

The issue now will be whether the mt kenya are opposed to Ruto as a person or Ruto as a reminder of Moi’s oppressive regime. If it’s the former, Gideon Moi will check in as his replacement but if it’s the latter, The Rift Valley votes have taken a flight.

I believe Kabogo feels that the president has not supported him enough in his tuff fight with Waititu, and he thus decided to retaliate by making president Uhuru’s reelection that much more difficult. Either way, after this we can safely say Kabogo is serving his one and only stint as kiambu governor.








The #Shulamite Girl:Women have “executive power” over #sex.They decide when and if it’ll happen!

November 25, 2013

A great example of a woman
exhibiting leadership in her
marriage is the Shulamite girl of
Song of Songs. This
girl knows exactly what she
wants, and isn’t afraid to tell her
lover to make it happen!

The Shulamite girl is the first to
speak in the poem, declaring, “Let
him kiss me with the kisses of his
mouth” (1:1). She actively seeks
out the handsome shepherd in his
fields, saying “Why should I be like
a veiled woman beside the flocks of
your friends?” (v. 7). When the two
are separated, she goes out into
the streets, looking for him, and at
one point is accosted by the city
guards. When she finds him, she
brings him into a private room.
There, she says, “I held him and
would not let him go” (3:4). It is she
who initiates a sexual encounter in
a vineyard in the countryside, and
it is she who offers her lover a
frank invitation to drink her wine
and to enter her “garden” to taste
its choice fruits. Indeed some of
the most beautiful lines of the
poem—and arguably of the Bible—
are hers: “Place me like a seal over
your heart, like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death”

To all teenaged daughters

November 21, 2013