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Kalonzo/Mudavadi Combination the best shot NASA has at Defeating Jubilee in August Eighth 2017

March 3, 2017

Anyone who thinks that the Kikuyu aren’t hurt by the Jubilee gvt’s scandals, especially the NYS one, is Myopic. However, Anyone who thinks that the kikuyu will vote for Raila whatever clothe he dons- (ODM, CORD,NASA)- is a moron. They wont. As I have said before, Raila is the only reason even dead kikuyus vote for Uhuru. In fact, without the sword of Damocles called Raila hanging over the Kikuyu community, they would vote for somebody else or simply refrain from voting.

Now, there is no way anyone in his or her right mind would vote for Wetangula. This leaves Kalonzo and Mudavadi as the only choices for the NASA’s flag bearer position. Incidentally, the two politicians are quite mild in mannerism are are likely to contribute to the national healing.


The fact that he came up with the idea of the opposition super alliance gives hima definite edge. his mild, non antagonistic attitude can be an asset for the country. He has the capacity to galvanize the support of all the western Kenya and a huge chunk of the Rift Valley, especially if he were to harp on his close ties with the Moi family.  Qite a sizable group of the kikuyus would consider him a pair of safe hands as opposed to one Raila Odinga. Some kikuyus would vote for him, a large group would still vote for Uhuruto, and a sizable group would simply refrain from voting as they no longer fear the threat of a Raila Presidency. Mudavadi cannot depend on Kikuyu’s votes, but would immensely benefit from the ones not voting.

The only drawback to Mdavadi’s presidency is the fact that without Kalonzo Musyoka’s name at the ballot, the chances of Kalonzo’s  supporters bolting for other parties or even refraining from voting are pretty high. Losing over  two million votes is not particularly advantageous and can deal a big blow to his presidency.


Looks and demeanor aside, Kalonzo can easily get support across the country especially if NASA supported him. he has worked with the Kikuyu before when they needed him most and unlike Raila, he served his full term as the Vice president to President Kibaki without any antagonism. The kikuyu consider him a pretty reasonable and moderate person and many would actively vote for him to see whether he can change things. The whole of the Meru region would also gravitate towards Kalonzo.

His being a devout Christian would be a plus to him. If ony he can get the support from NASA, Kalonzo would be unbeatable.

I would suggest that NASA fronts Kalonzo as President with Mudavadi as the running mate. They can have an agreement -I am avoiding the use of the term MOU- in which Kalonzo serves for one term and Mudavadi takes over in 2022. This would be a formidable combination which would easily trounce Jubilee.