Of Moi’s Free Milk and UhuRuto’s Free Maternity

I believe that the whole of my life I have directly benefited from only two governments: Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta’s, governments. Incidentally, I loved, campaigned and defended President Kibaki’s government the most in all the four governments.

I still consider the Kibaki government the most professional and economical development minded government Kenya have had so far. Of course much of the gains were undone following the 07/08 PEV. I personally gained Zilch, but at least the Kibaki government laid a firm economic foundation.

Moi’s government, the worst regime ever to grace the Kenyan politics, gave me free MILK  during my primary school years. Considering that the government had been in power for close to three decades, the value of that milk was less than the 50 bob given to the youth to cause mayhem in the guise of campaigning  for politicians.

My first-born daughter was born on 30th December 2015 at Kenyatta National Hospital through Cesarean section . The bill amounted to ksh.39, 495. Thanks to Uhuruto’s free maternity policy, I didn’t pay a SINGLE PENNY! It might not be much, but considering the raw deal I have suffered in all them other governments, it was virtually a wind fall.


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