Doctors actually do more harm than good to humanity #LipaKamaTender

For starters, lets all be in agreement on one simple fact: we are all mortal. even the doctors will die sooner or later; death happens to the best of us at some point in our lives. In other words, at best, doctors merely postpone death.Is postponing death a good or a bad thing to the individual patient? To humanity in general? My contention is that by postponing death of the sickly weak individuals, doctors help in perpetuating weaknesses and illnesses in the humanity at large. Without doctors, the living would have a healthy life.

Doctors do very good work especially in dishing out painkillers and placebos to momentarily alleviate the suffering of the individual. The problem checks in when the doctors get it into their heads to give medications to cure an illness that would have killed a patient today only for the same patient to die two years later of yet another ailment. In the two years before the patient passes on, s/he is probably fit enough to meet with a partner say his wife or her husband and give rise to an offspring who has the same weak genes.

If we did not have doctors, the sick ones would be left alone. Those with weak genes would succumb to the illness while those with strong genes would recover and survive. The strong ones would pass their strong genes to their offsprings which would culminate in a healthy society where doctors are no longer needed.

Doctors are more of a liability than an asset to the human race. They make the society weaker and unhealthier and by and large contribute to emergence and pain caused by the myriad of ailments currently faced by the human society.

Should the striking doctors be paid according to their CBA Agreement? By all means. It is their right and they deserve fair pay for the hard work they do of making sure that the society remains unhealthy and thus providing jobs for medical professionals in the future.


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