Deputy President William Ruto for president 2017!

After Kabogo opened the can, worms be slithering allover Mt. Kenya region! Leaders from the region are falling over  themselves and frothing in the mouth to distance themselves from his remarks.This is common knowledge that most kikuyu leaders are planning to prop yet another kikuyu as their presidential flag bearer in 2022. Most of the political leaders are myopic hypocrites whose only concern is trying to rescue the political fortunes of President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017, and then tell Ruto to take a hike in 2022. Being the shortsighted buggers that they are, they do not realize that their actions of lack of reciprocation for Ruto will poison the relationship of the inhabitants of the Rift Valley, leading to a situation similar to ’07/’08. Most voters wouldn’t have a problem voting for Ruto in 2022, but the leaders are sure to find some propaganda to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

I don’t think there is any good that will be served by President Uhuru going for a second term. He has done pretty good in this first term.  If he steps down in favor of his deputy Ruto, he would leave an unmatched legacy and will be respected all over the world.

President Uhuru stepping down will remove the kikuyu factor that Raila thrives on. Without a kikuyu to hate on, Raila’s political career will be as dead as a dodo.

By the way, the odds of President Uhuru getting a second term with an alienated Rift Valley region are worse than the ones of Kibaki’s reelection. Then again, Maybe our leaders are right that the Rift Valley voters are somehow slow…

Ruto’s chances of ever being a president are only real in 2017. After this even the Rift valley votes will be a mirage to him, let alone the mt kenya ones.

With William Ruto being voted in as president in 2017, it would then be easy to embark on a rotational presidency.  Ruto should then pass the baton to governor Mutua in 2022.  Mutua should serve his 5 years and hand over to a peron from Luo Nyanza. The person from this region should serve his term and the presidency should then move to the coast province.

ITS time We stop hating each others’ tribe over the presidency and concentrate on socially repairing our frayed social fabric.





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