Of Kabogo’s “Mt.Kenya” Truth and its 2017 elections effects

It has been common knowledge for quite sometime now that none of the leaders of the Mt.Kenya region was too keen on having Deputy President William Ruto as the President of Kenya after President Uhuru Kenyatta. The talk of “tutigacokia guoko” has been allover, including on mass media such Inooro TV.  Kabogo simply stated the obvious, his sin being that he has never met the french saying “thiya ithuire Mumianiriri”.

Way back in 2011 or thereabouts, I really hated, and was disgusted by suggestions and claims by the opposition to the effect that Kikuyus can never vote for a person who is not a kikuyu as president. I was disabused of this notion after the acrimonious  falling out between Mudavadi and Uhuru just prior to the 2013 general elections. I used to blame Raila for MOU conflict with Kibaki which precipitated their parting of ways. I really believed that the Kikuyu would  have voted for Raila if he had laid low like Moi did during Kenyatta’s era.Ruto has laid low for all this time despite all the criticism in his backyard only to be rewarded with a shrug from the Mt.Kenya region. with the benefit of hindsight, Raila was right to jump rather than waiting to be pushed.

Whether Mt.Kenya Vote for Ruto or not isn’t supposed to be such a big deal, but for the ethnic-based politics kenya embraces. In presidential elections most kenyans  vote as an ethnic  block depending on the promises their tribal kingpins give them. Most of the people who vote for a president who isnt a tribesman have promises of reciprocal reward when “their time comes”. Most Kalenjins Voted for Uhuru on the premise that kikuyus will vote for Ruto in 2022. This is where the problem of Mt. Kenya not voting for William Ruto  checks in. Uhuru still needs Ruto to convince the Kalenjins to vote for him in 2017 general elections, Unless he listens to some of those deluded kikuyus who believe they have the numbers to elect a president on their own.

The “official” pronouncement  by Kabogo will embolden the deputy president’s rivals in the rift valley, which will pull the ethnic block votes rug from under Ruto’s feet. The likes of Isaac Ruto have just received a lifeline in their erstwhile fading political careers. Without Rift valley’s votes, President Uhuru will have an uphill task  getting reelected in 2017.

The issue now will be whether the mt kenya are opposed to Ruto as a person or Ruto as a reminder of Moi’s oppressive regime. If it’s the former, Gideon Moi will check in as his replacement but if it’s the latter, The Rift Valley votes have taken a flight.

I believe Kabogo feels that the president has not supported him enough in his tuff fight with Waititu, and he thus decided to retaliate by making president Uhuru’s reelection that much more difficult. Either way, after this we can safely say Kabogo is serving his one and only stint as kiambu governor.









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