The #Shulamite Girl:Women have “executive power” over #sex.They decide when and if it’ll happen!

A great example of a woman
exhibiting leadership in her
marriage is the Shulamite girl of
Song of Songs. This
girl knows exactly what she
wants, and isn’t afraid to tell her
lover to make it happen!

The Shulamite girl is the first to
speak in the poem, declaring, “Let
him kiss me with the kisses of his
mouth” (1:1). She actively seeks
out the handsome shepherd in his
fields, saying “Why should I be like
a veiled woman beside the flocks of
your friends?” (v. 7). When the two
are separated, she goes out into
the streets, looking for him, and at
one point is accosted by the city
guards. When she finds him, she
brings him into a private room.
There, she says, “I held him and
would not let him go” (3:4). It is she
who initiates a sexual encounter in
a vineyard in the countryside, and
it is she who offers her lover a
frank invitation to drink her wine
and to enter her “garden” to taste
its choice fruits. Indeed some of
the most beautiful lines of the
poem—and arguably of the Bible—
are hers: “Place me like a seal over
your heart, like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death”


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