Do we need women leaders(#governors, president, MPs etc?) No, but our young daughters do! @Femnetprog

It is axiomatic that it’s almost impossible to be what you can’t see. Because our sons and daughters grow up seeing majority of senior leadership positions being held by men,they learn to associate any form of leadership with the male gender.

The boys grow up and smoothly transition to leadership while girls struggle due to the perception created in their minds through socialization  that leader means man.

Perception is reality and most leadership is a function of perception. We need as many women leaders as men,not because women are necessarily better leaders than men, but because our young daughters  need more women-leader role models.

Recently during “Malalas day”, a teenager from Indonesia was quoted as saying that she goes to school so that one day she’ll be the 2nd president of the country..
In any senior government appointments I don’t think it can hurt if we had 1/2 the number being  men and 1/2 women. I hate  this “glass ceiling” called 1/3…


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