#What_if the #Pope was elected directly by the Roman Catholic members…

Current practice in that the Pope, the spiritual leader of a 1 billion odd Roman Catholic faithfuls, is elected by a select group of Cardinals who represent the various countries.

In the run_up to the election of  Pope Francis  to succeed Pope Benedict who absconded, Catholics in most parts of the world were of the opinion that the next Pope should be markedly different from Benedict.

They hoped he’d be relatively  young, of good health,having the capacity to manage and deal with the myriad of problems facing the church, especially the dwindling number of faithfuls in the church as well as the issue of pedophilia amongst some priests. Most would not have preferred another Pope whose conservative credentials ratings were past 9 on the Richter scale..

Another crucial qualification in many Catholics’ minds was the geographical location from whence he hails. Indeed, most continents had frontrunners: Africa had Ghana’s Cardinal,Asia had Philippines’ Cardinal, Latin America had one from Brazil…

In as much as the faithfuls believed that it’s God who would give the cardinals the directions as to whom to eventually vote for to replace Benedict, most still hoped that he’d direct them to elect one away from Europe; preferably from their own continent or better yet, their own country.       

When it was all said and the conclave done,and the white smoke and bells finally announced the successful election of the new Pope,the only qualification whose prayers were answered was nationality. It’d have been interesting to see what would have happened to the church  if the smoke had, through divine intervention, shaped itself (a la “Mene Mene Tekel, Parsin”)  into a name of a cardinal from Germany… I digress.

Suppose the Roman Catholic faithfuls were given full suffrage rights to directly  elect the Pope? And suppose that into the mix is added the impression or rather a perception is created that once a Pope comes from a certain country the prayers of the faithfuls of the whole of that country gets priority?

I can just imagine kenyan Catholics, falling all over themselves to elect a Ugandan  Cardinal,or even better, Ugandan Catholic faithfuls happily electing a Cardinal from Germany.(again!).

Using “The Tyranny of Numbers” theory as espoused by one Mutahi Ngunyi, calculate the probability of resentment,hatred and corruption amongst Catholic faithfuls of various countries in the pursuit of the Papacy…                                              


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