#Cabinet_secretaries appointments on a 50:50 basis (men: women),#kenya?

Is it likely that whichever the coalition government -or, amadioha forbid, grand coalition government- that forms the next government may appoint half the cabinet of male and the other half female?

I doubt it. The only guy I know who has such guts is Chief justice Mutunga: He’s on record as the only man to have appointed as many male colleagues as females to senior leadership positions in the judiciary!

The only two “explanations” as to  why the government might decide to appoint more men than women to senior leadership positions are:

1. More men than women voted for them..

2. Women leaders in the NGO world are only interested in 1/3 of positions..

3. Only 13 of women in the whole country have the requisite qualifications for such senior leadership positions…

4.Its not about having women leaders;rather its about having “good leaders”…


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