For the record, I didn’t vote for the jubilee, and I’ve never campaigned for them. But give the devil his due, Uhuruto through their jubilee coalition  won and were declared winners by the IEBC.

I love law and order just like the next person out there , but I love order more. I believe law is supposed to serve order and not the other way round. A society needs laws and rules to maintain order and peace. We shouldn’t pursue law to the detriment of order in the society.

If I were asked,I would have preferred that we engage a recognized and impartial organization, whether internal or international,to  audit  the whole electoral process as conducted by the IEBC so that we can improve on this experience.

Taking a petition to court, then running around the country trying to convince the voters that you won is not exactly doing the existing peace and order in the country a whole lot of good.

We need to move on as a country. I don’t exactly fancy the chances of peaceful elections if the the judiciary came to the  conclusion that there’s need for a rerun.On the other hand, after being convinced that their win was actually taken away from them, the cord supporters are expecting nothing less than a declaration that Raila won. If all this augurs  well for peace and stability in Kenya, then I’m the president of UGANDA!

Then again we can always pray for peace…


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