Fifth #President of #Kenya should be a #woman

From “Women CAN BE leaders” to “women ARE leaders”.

Details to follow on 





3 Responses to “Fifth #President of #Kenya should be a #woman”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’ve been restraining myself from commenting the last few days, but this is blatant provocation. How do you tell me the 5th president should be a woman when you chose not to vote for Martha for 4th?

    Methinks you are preaching water and drinking the wine. (I speak in jest…well, kinda…)

    • Njuguna Ngugi Says:

      I can understand your dilemma, but if you read the post “Karua 2012:can gender trump tribe in 2012 presidential elections”, maybe you can see how I dilute the wine with the water, so to speak..

      • Alex Says:

        I get it, you thought a non Kikuyu president was more urgent than a female president, a very valid point of view. We had to make tough choices this election, no? Some of us at least (ha!). Dilute away…

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