#Women who WONT vote for women are not much different from #men who think women are half human.. @femnetprog,@Marthakarua

Chances are that a woman will get into that polling booth tomorrow,4th march 2013, and vote for MEN ONLY in all the various positions up for grabs.

I know alot of men will do exactly that because they realize that politics is power and they are, therefore, reluctant to cede any to women. Many men would also like to perpetuate the patriarchal narrative that LEADER means MAN.

The question that really bugs my mind is the motivation behind women voting for men.

Actions speak louder than words: If you believe women are as good leaders as men ,vote for at least three women out the six positions you’ll be voting in.

And please stop apologizing for voting in women just because they they are women: we vote for men just because they are men all the time. As long as she has a first degree cert, she’s qualified!

Maybe,next time  women should be wearing   tracksuits in their campaign posters so that people realize that women actually do “run for office..’


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