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My vote: #President (#MusaliaMudavadi/@Jnkioni), #Governor(male),#Senator(female),#MP(female),#women_rep(female), County Assembly Rep (male)

February 26, 2013


Apart from the small issue of Nominative Determinism(see earlier post), Musalia is the only individual with the potential of uniting the whole country due to his being non confrontational. From amongst the top three popular candidates,he’s the only one who doesn’t have a whole community or two against him. I’m hoping he becomes a stop-gap measure to ensure that we cross from the old constitutional dispensation to the new constitutional  dispensation peacefully, thus ensuring we have the requisite stability that will enhance economic growth. 

I consider myself an enlightened Kikuyu, and I’d like to believe that I can live without the president coming from my tribe.

[Uhuru by virtue of his being a Kikuyu will have quite a few communities thoroughly against his presidency.
Raila has the better part of “Mt Kenya Mafia” and the kalenjin  dead set against his presidency ]

If you asked me- which you ain’t doing- I’d let Uhuru and Raila settle their differences in the opposition benches for five years..

In the county  I’m registered to vote,there are only male candidates for the position. I have settled on a qualified manager/ leader whom I’ll vote for. If There were women running for this position I definitely would’ve voted for a female governor…

I have identified female candidates that I’ll vote for in all these positions.

I walk my talk, and I believe in “WOMEN AND MEN ARE LEADERS”. As such I long made a conscious decision to elect at least 3 women out of the six positions up for grabs in the 4 the March 2013 elections.

Besides, I think our young daughters need more women-leader role models.

I’ve identified a qualified man for this position whom I’ll vote for.

From the foregoing it’s noteworthy that it’s almost impossible to find my kind of combination within a single party. This has essentially meant that I’ll not vote for a “suit”…


OF #Peace in the 4th March elections, #AmaniCoalition and #Nominative_Determinism

February 24, 2013

Nominative Determinism is a theory that a person’s name can have a significant role in determining key aspects of job, profession or even character.

In a paper on “synchronicity”   Carl Jung  states: “we find ourselves in  something of quandary when it comes to making up our minds about a phenomenon which Stokel calls the ‘compulsion of the name’. What he means by this is the sometimes quite gross coincidence between a mans name and his peculiarities or profession. For instance…Herr Feist (Mr stout) is food minister,Herr Rosstauscher(Mr Horse trader) is a lawyer,Herr Kalberer (Mr Calves) is an obstetrician…are these the whimsicalities of chance or the suggestive effects of the name as Stokel seems to suggest, or are they meaningful coincidences?”

Carl Jung also cited a few other examples among the psychologists: “Herr Freud (Joy) champions the pleasure principles,Herr Adler(Eagle)   the will to power, Herr Jung(young) the idea of rebirth …”
Social psychologists, and even laymen, have for long argued that a name can indeed significantly influence a life.

In the Kikuyu and Kamba  communities,I’m yet to meet a poor Kitonga/Gitonga(a wealthy person), or a rich muthini(poor person). I’m pretty sure you can find quite a few such examples in you own culture.

Everyone in Kenya, in East Africa, and indeed the whole world wants peace during and after the 4th March 2013 general elections. As such, Maybe we should elect the Amani Coalition (Peace coalition). I’m just saying…