Party hopping bill assented: Time for women aspirants to move to smaller parties?

In big parties (Cord, jubilee), and especially in their stronghold areas elections will be won or lost during party  nominations. Being nominated a flag bearer in such parties is almost a guaranteed victory in March 4th elections.

Every aspirant would salivate at such a prospect. Unfortunately being nominated in such big parties is harder than a camel’s chance of passing through the eye of the needle for those without resources and who aren’t buddies with the bigwigs of the party.You see, with resources it’s possible to “transport” lots of voters to vote for you.   Being popular with the leaders of the party might  guarantee one a direct nomination, or even better, the leaders might prevail on the other contestants to step down on your behalf.

In the old constitutional dispensation, one would leave a party after losing in a party’s  primaries,hop into another party and still get elected. In the new constitutional dispensation the party hoping had, for all practical purposes and intents, been abolished. That is, until the new amendments to the election act was assented to by the president, which provides a party hopping window. 

If you ask around,most people who have voted during the main elections have never voted during party nominations (primaries) and most don’t know bean one about it’s point in the whole scheme of things. This is basically because none if their preferred candidate ever failed to appear on the ballot paper just because of a small matter of losing in the nominations,as there would be other parties waiting to cash in on the nomination fallout and dish out direct nominations to the losers and the dissatisfied.

One look at the people running for nomination in the various popular parties and the first thing that sticks out as a sore thumb is wealth. It looks like everyone who has billions in the bank is out competing for elective positions,popularity being a meer afterthought. My guess is that they realize that the new rules favour them. In previous elections they’d “win” the nomination and lose in the ballot to those they defeated in the primaries. With the new rules,one loses in the primaries and irrespective of your overall popularity you are effectively locked out of that particular  election. The rich will be able to somehow “buy” their way to elective offices. They’ll just ride on the Euphoria of the party and since they’ll have “defeated” their popular challengers they’ll just waltz their way to office.
My advice to women is that unless one is on that league,please move to less popular parties. One’s chances of getting elected improves dramatically by one’s name being on the ballot.   



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