How IEBC can register 20 million people if it wanted..

It’s such a pity that with all the money IEBC is expending on the registration of voter exercise, it can barely scratch a 40% success rate in three weeks!

IMHO,it’s time for IEBC to think and act outside the box, and this is my proposal:

1.Take a daily average of voters registered per registration station (center)

2. Offer those registration officials extra pay for every extra person registered from now on.

3 Leave the registration officials alone to device the best way to get the numbers.

I can assure you, they’d register every qualified voter within their region of jurisdiction within less than 3 days! 

And somebody should remind those registering that this is democracy, and that it doesn’t mean that just because they vote their choice of leader MUST NECESSARILY WIN! No violence, no uprooting of railway tracks if the person you vote for lose! 


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