There will be Peace In Kenya If Mudavadi is endorsed by UhuRuto, otherwise UhuRuto will lose to Raila..

For starters the marriage between Uhuru and Ruto will bring the two perennially warring communities in the rift valley together i.e the Kikuyu and the kalenjin, just as it happened in 2002.

This was the only general elections since the advent of multiparty politics in Kenya in which we didn’t have violence. Uhuru (Kikuyu) was the presidential candidate handpicked and backed by the outgoing president Moi (kalenjin).

Secondly,Once the votes were in and tallied,  and it became  clear that Uhuru had lost, he was gentleman enough to concede defeat and avoid a confrontation that’d have wrought bloodshed to the country. And trust me, With Moi’s machinery and backing, he’d have easily done it, and i doubt there’s much we could’ve done about it. So much kudos to the two (Uhuru & Moi) for caring enough about peace in Kenya  rather than themselves.

Thirdly,the ODM supporters have now changed from “not another Kikuyu!” to “not another Kikuyu and kalenjin!”, which has widened the target group for violence,making a hit pretty hard. I’ve seen now that the calculations are Kikuyu 25 yrs + kalenjin 24 years. In fact,most tweets during the “wedding show” from those opposed to UhuRuto’s presidency ranged from their being ICC suspects to the question of whether only the kalenjin and the Kikuyu  mothers had the ability to give birth to presidents in Kenya.

If they’d really wanted to win,the best shot they had as I had intimated a few years back would have been Ruto as the president and Uhuru as his running mate. In as much as some Kenyans would be against yet another “kalenjin” presidency, most would’ve given it a chance. I’m sure apart from the Kikuyu and a handful of kalenjin, the rest of Kenyans are not so keen on having another Kikuyu succeeding kibaki. So UhuRuto will most probably lose to Raila.         
Another reason why UhuRuto may lose is that to get to that marriage,they have broken the hearts of many a promised suitors including Kalonzo,Wamalwa,Raila,mudavadi. These jilted lovers will most probably bad-mouth them to their friends and the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s been my opinion that G7’s intended purpose was not to defeat one person (Raila): it was to gain the presidency. If it was merely to defeat Raila, they’d have fronted a person like Mudavadi. They still have the chance…

Some educated fool somewhere will come up and tell me I’m a tribalist, as i write only on tribes. Maybe you are right,but I’ve said often that until we cut the direct link between tribe and the presidency we will talk about “good leaders”,”integrity”,”manifesto”,”track record”, but at the end of the day most Kenyans  will shelve those big books and vote tribal.      
The Only good thing about Mudavadi winning is that there will be peace and Kenyans will go on with their daily activities of eking out a living…           


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One Response to “There will be Peace In Kenya If Mudavadi is endorsed by UhuRuto, otherwise UhuRuto will lose to Raila..”

  1. Were Albert Says:

    Let us give Mudavadi a chance of becoming the 4th president in the hope that he will fwata nyayo of his father who promoted the local engineering companies being being the first local government minister to award a road construction tender to a local company leading to job creation and saving on foreign exchange.I am a local biochemist with a cancer curing product that can sale the world over given that it cures cancer of all types in 3 months but our local scientists harass me for knowing that.

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