Peter Kenneth’s presidency squeezed between a hard “kikuyu tribalists” place, and a rock of “other tribes’ tribalists”

Peter Kenneth is running for the presidency of kenya in the elections to be held in march 2013. As far as qualifications go, he stands head and shoulders above the rest of that congested field of hopefuls to succeed kibaki at statehouse.

Unfortunately, in a tribal kenya, he has his goose cooked.

To most Kikuyu tribalists, Peter kenneth is not “kikuyu enough”,as a matter of fact they call him a “mzungu”. Thus they’d rather vote for Uhuru than Peter kenneth.

To most tribalists from the other tribes that form the kenyan nation, Peter kenneth is so kikuyu that some even swear to have his birth certificate replete with his kikuyu name. Having cut his teeth in gatanga constituency,  murang’a (a kikuyu enclave) as an Mp doesn’t do his unkikuyu credentials a whole lot of good. These tribalists arent ready for another kikuyu at statehouse after kibaki.

Whether he wins or not I’d like Kenyans to get one thing from him: that a child can survive and thrive without an ethnic name!

If your son’s names are John Njoroge kamau, make sure that in the official certificates He appears as John James. If it’s Scolastica Awino, make it Scholastica MarryAnne. Thank me later.

By the bye, there’s a very thin line between being proud of one’s ethnic identity and being ethnocentric (read: tribalist).    



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