Bush Jr “stole” the presidential elections from Al’Gore in 2000, how many Americans were killed as a result?

For those who seriously  think that the Kenyan  PEV was caused by a stolen presidential election should start thinking because clearly they aren’t.

In the USA’s  hotly contested presidential elections of 2000 between George W Bush and Al’Gore,There were documented cases of electoral irregularities. These irregularities ended up in the highest courts in the land, and depending on who you ask, the case was either amicably settled, or unfairly awarded to Bush junior.

My point in all this is that there’s nobody who got killed, had his her property destroyed, made an IDP as a result of this stolen elections. This is chiefly because Americans are enlightened enough not to think having the presidency is a matter of life and death.

Kenyans leaders used the excuse of stolen elections to call for mass action to take the presidency by force thereby starting the country down the slippery road to PEV and destruction. If they had agreed to go to the courts we wouldn’t have ended up where we did in ’07/’08.

The excuse the leaders gave for not taking their petitions to court was that the courts were controlled by the incumbents henchmen. The highest court in the USA was GOP heavy(Bush’s party), yet Al’Gore(a Dem) knew of that fact, but went ahead and took his petition there, and whose outcome ended up favouring Bush Jr. This is called respect to the rule of law in a civilized society.

For more information on stolen elections in USA in 2000…             


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One Response to “Bush Jr “stole” the presidential elections from Al’Gore in 2000, how many Americans were killed as a result?”

  1. Project44 Says:

    Project44 does not talk matters politics,but i stumbled on this one and i agree,elections are not a matter of life and death,so people should chill out ! Peace be on our land.

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