So according to #ODM,every #Kikuyu is a #TNA member?! SMH

Yesterday,I was having the usual political discussion with my neighbour,an ardent ODM supporter. He happily went on and on about how PNU is now TNA.He didn’t seem bothered in the least, of the fact that PNU being swallowed by TNA meant that TNA is now bigger, and a worthy Challenger to the ODM.
He told me that he always knew that no Kikuyu can EVER support a person from another tribe for the presidency. He “conveniently” forgot that I’m a Kikuyu, and I support Mudavadi, facts he has known all along. When I called his attention to this tiny detail in his narrative,he was jolted into reality and awkwardly  fumbled for an explanation of my being the exception to the rule. Then I got the drift of his argument: with the continued rise to prominence of TNA, ODM has finally got it’s wish of a “two horse race” a la 2007, when all the “mount Kenya Mafia” was supporting kibaki and virtually everyone else gravitated towards Raila, except one a “mr 10%”…

In a previous discussion with him and another young man (who was probably in form one in ’07 somewhere in busia) on the issue of PEV, the young man had described  how “hao wakikuyu walikuwa wanafukuzwa na nyumba zao na vitu vyao kuharibiwa”. I asked him why their properties were being destroyed and he told me he had heard that they had stolen the elections.

It’s now official: As long as you are a Kikuyu,you don’t even have to be a registered member of TNA; YOU ARE TNA BY DEFAULT!

Recently,I’ve come to realize that as far as presidential elections in Kenya are concerned,Kenyans can largely be grouped into two groups: Morons and Hypocrites.

We were all up in arms baying for kimunya’s blood when he dared to appoint a KPA board that had alot of its members hailing from the same region. And Kenyans are telling me they are okay with the 4th president of Kenya being from the central region (again.)! These are the hypocrites.

Kikuyu’s know,from experience, that the president doesn’t benefit all the members of the tribe s/he comes from…unless things changed and I didn’t get the memo. Yet we have kikuyus (and they are many) who are determined to have another Kikuyu after kibaki as the president. These are Morons.  They’re like a moth circling the light bulb, or an antelope caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck at night!            



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2 Responses to “So according to #ODM,every #Kikuyu is a #TNA member?! SMH”

  1. wati bryan Says:

    interesting but that was your neighbour hardly, a political analyst or a sample group. I wont go down the same path as he and lump all Kyuks in the same basket, however actions dont lie. on the political scene the central gravity has sloped to Mr money bags, you saw the gubernatorial race for a certain area where all the aspirants were from… you guessed it.. TNA despite there being no ideology behind the party. I do agree that at the grass roots, the feeling may be much different especially among the urban kenyans from central region. the problem lies however in the political leadership that has spent time by design or by accident, in making their selfish appear to be a reflection of the central peoples aspiration. furthermore, the rural kikuyu-nation or any other tribal nation for that matter, is a stark contrast to the urban tribe.
    from the urban tribe the exposure and education level make you more of an objective/ critical thinker than a rural chap. you know the man on top doesnt necessarily mean a pop in you step as u rightly pointed out.

  2. Project44 Says:

    Is there Kikuyu phobia in Kenya ?

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