Kenyans, let’s not get lured into #Alshabaab’s trap of a vicious cycle of violence thru xenophobic attacks.

First is much condolences to all those who’ve lost loved ones through grenade attacks in Kenya.

I’m pretty disheartened by the recent incidence where some  irrational members of the public attacked members of Somali origin after a grenade attack that left a child dead and others injured. I understand the anger that could have prompted the incidence, but let’s not make things permanently worse because of momentary anger.

This is a trap that can easily plunge the country into a vicious cycle of violence through revenge attacks.

For starters most of the people of the Somali origin residing in Kenya are as peaceful as you and me. Incidentally, the majority of those who’ve been arraigned in court over the various grenade attacks are very Kenyan!

If we were to take the xenophobic path and start attacking people of the Somali origin, most of the victims would be innocent. Such attacks would create in the somalis a feeling of resentment towards Kenyans. There’s nothing as powerful a recruitment tool for revenge attacks as a feeling of resentment.

This resultant resentment would  provide an easy access route for the alshabaab to recruit the aggrieved Somalis  who would be ready and willing to harm the “hated Kenyans”. In fact,the resentful individuals would readily  volunteer to join the alshabaab! A few grenade attacks by people of the Somali origin would convince Kenyans that any Somali you see is a threat to your life. Most Kenyans would join the fight against Somalis. Most Somalis would now officially join alshabaab…   When do you think all this would end? I’m sure no Kenyan is interested in having the kind of relationship that Israel has with the Arabs.

I believe the reason why  most Somalis haven’t joined alshabaab is that we, Kenyans,  have treated them like Kenyans, and allowed them to go on with the crucial business of living.

Lets treat all grenades attacks as terrorism acts and allow the security apparatus to do it’s work. Lets not lower ourselves to the level of attacking another person because s/he looks like a certain terrorist we’ve seen in a newspaper! 

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

History is littered with instances of very rational people who’ve sold their countries to the enemy due to resentment!                   


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