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Bush Jr “stole” the presidential elections from Al’Gore in 2000, how many Americans were killed as a result?

October 21, 2012

For those who seriously  think that the Kenyan  PEV was caused by a stolen presidential election should start thinking because clearly they aren’t.

In the USA’s  hotly contested presidential elections of 2000 between George W Bush and Al’Gore,There were documented cases of electoral irregularities. These irregularities ended up in the highest courts in the land, and depending on who you ask, the case was either amicably settled, or unfairly awarded to Bush junior.

My point in all this is that there’s nobody who got killed, had his her property destroyed, made an IDP as a result of this stolen elections. This is chiefly because Americans are enlightened enough not to think having the presidency is a matter of life and death.

Kenyans leaders used the excuse of stolen elections to call for mass action to take the presidency by force thereby starting the country down the slippery road to PEV and destruction. If they had agreed to go to the courts we wouldn’t have ended up where we did in ’07/’08.

The excuse the leaders gave for not taking their petitions to court was that the courts were controlled by the incumbents henchmen. The highest court in the USA was GOP heavy(Bush’s party), yet Al’Gore(a Dem) knew of that fact, but went ahead and took his petition there, and whose outcome ended up favouring Bush Jr. This is called respect to the rule of law in a civilized society.

For more information on stolen elections in USA in 2000…             


So according to #ODM,every #Kikuyu is a #TNA member?! SMH

October 18, 2012

Yesterday,I was having the usual political discussion with my neighbour,an ardent ODM supporter. He happily went on and on about how PNU is now TNA.He didn’t seem bothered in the least, of the fact that PNU being swallowed by TNA meant that TNA is now bigger, and a worthy Challenger to the ODM.
He told me that he always knew that no Kikuyu can EVER support a person from another tribe for the presidency. He “conveniently” forgot that I’m a Kikuyu, and I support Mudavadi, facts he has known all along. When I called his attention to this tiny detail in his narrative,he was jolted into reality and awkwardly  fumbled for an explanation of my being the exception to the rule. Then I got the drift of his argument: with the continued rise to prominence of TNA, ODM has finally got it’s wish of a “two horse race” a la 2007, when all the “mount Kenya Mafia” was supporting kibaki and virtually everyone else gravitated towards Raila, except one a “mr 10%”…

In a previous discussion with him and another young man (who was probably in form one in ’07 somewhere in busia) on the issue of PEV, the young man had described  how “hao wakikuyu walikuwa wanafukuzwa na nyumba zao na vitu vyao kuharibiwa”. I asked him why their properties were being destroyed and he told me he had heard that they had stolen the elections.

It’s now official: As long as you are a Kikuyu,you don’t even have to be a registered member of TNA; YOU ARE TNA BY DEFAULT!

Recently,I’ve come to realize that as far as presidential elections in Kenya are concerned,Kenyans can largely be grouped into two groups: Morons and Hypocrites.

We were all up in arms baying for kimunya’s blood when he dared to appoint a KPA board that had alot of its members hailing from the same region. And Kenyans are telling me they are okay with the 4th president of Kenya being from the central region (again.)! These are the hypocrites.

Kikuyu’s know,from experience, that the president doesn’t benefit all the members of the tribe s/he comes from…unless things changed and I didn’t get the memo. Yet we have kikuyus (and they are many) who are determined to have another Kikuyu after kibaki as the president. These are Morons.  They’re like a moth circling the light bulb, or an antelope caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck at night!            


Lyrics to the Song #I_hope_you_dance by LEE ANN WOMACK.#Inspirational!

October 10, 2012

I hope u never lose the sense of wonder
U get ur fill 2 eat, but still retain that hunger
May u never take one single breath 4 granted
God forbid love ever leave u empty handed
I hope u feel small when u stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that u’ll give faith a fighting chance
And when u get a choice to sit it out, or dance
I hope u dance
I hope u dance
I hope u never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle 4 the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances,but they are worth taking.
Loving might be a mistake,but it’s worth making
Don’t let some hellbent heart leave u bitter
When u come close to sellin’ out,reconsider
Give the heavens above more than just  a passing glance
I hope u dance
I hope u dance
(Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along)
I hope u dance
I hope u dance
(Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone)
I hope u dance
I hope u dance


Intellectuals For Peace in Kenya (#I4PKE): Concept

October 2, 2012

There are too many Kenyans who have, at the very least, post secondary education, for Kenya to have gone through such moronic,horrific,destructive and embarrassing violence as happened in 2007/8 after elections. Unfortunately, most of us with brains just stand by and watch and then whine ad infinitum when the shit hits the fan.

Almost everyone in Kenya was affected and, therefore, we should all be working on finding solutions not just waiting for NGOs to bring us peace on a silver platter.

I’m using the word intellectual to encompass everyone who has anything between his ears.

The problem: The threat of a rerun of Post election violence hangs over the country like the famed sword of Damocles, the various sporadic episodes of “tribal clashes” being mere previews, so to speak. My concern is the large-scale violence as happened in 2007/8, which has been variously described as having been both spontaneous and pre-planned.

The spontaneous one is the one that concerns me most as it’s the one that easily gets hijacked, and thus serve as a red Herring  for the pre planned one.

Since 2007/8 PEV, various activities have been undertaken to prevent a rerun of the PEV. These range in scale from local, to national and even international efforts. A new constitution and it’s various provisions, in my view, ranks the highest in as far as efforts to dealing with the causes of PEV is concerned. However, and as I’ve stated often,”a constitution is just too much black ink on  white papers” unless it is operationalized. A constitution is also as good as it’s interpretation by them “learned friends”, whose interpretation should be guided by a thorough knowledge of the social dynamics of the society.

If all these efforts that have so far been carried out had been effective in dealing with the issue of prevention of PEV, we wouldn’t be having 50%( according to various polls) of Kenyans scared that it might recur.

In my humble opinion, most of these efforts have been largely  unsuccessful because they are trying to address the WRONG problem, a consequence of a  misdiagnosis of the real cause of PEV.

The real cause of PEV lies in the unholy alliance of a very powerful presidency and the tribe. The perception (right or wrong)  that once a member of a tribe becomes the president all the members of the tribe benefit is at the root cause of 2007/8 PEV. It’s easy to create feelings of resentment to members of the tribe whose member holds the presidency, and the rest is history…

The current  constitution addresses comprehensively the issue of the presidency by distributing all the previous powers to other arms of government namely the judiciary and Parliament. The million shilling question is: how many people know of this fact?

Listening to the presidential contenders going around the country promising heavens they’ll no longer have powers to provide once they clinch the presidency tells me that there’s still a yawning gap between the legal provisions in the constitution and the social reality. Most Kenyans still believe the current  presidency is still as powerful as in the old constitution.

Evidently,the shortest route to prevention of PEV should be a high impact civic education of the voters about the “new presidency”. This will lower the high expectations of Kenyans  of freebies from the president to the tribe members. Having the presidency shouldn’t be a matter of life and death.

I am proposing to have a one-day civic education clinic on “why it’s now nonsensical to vote for a person for president just because S/he is from your tribe”. This is what INTELLECTUALS FOR PEACE IN KENYA (I4PKE) is all about. It  will be spearheaded by students in tertiary education institutions (Universities and colleges) throughout the country. The students will March to their nearest shopping center and do the necessary.

This is as high impact as they come given that there are so many university and college branches dotted allover the country. The fact that the best brains in the country will be at work giving back to the community, so to speak,  will compound the effect. People will stop to and notice.  

I am proposing that we issue certificates of participation for all those students who participate in I4PKE. I’ll negotiate with the UN to know what’s possible. I am proposing that a major qualifications will be a group picture of at least five students wearing T-shirts from different political parties in front of raia, the idea being “many parties one peaceful Kenya”. We shall organize for the various  political parties to deliver the T-shirts to institutions. 

Apart from the requirements for the picture, THE DRESS CODE WILL BE WHITE, or at least a white top.  

I’m sure we can organize prizes for various pictures uploaded on social media (especially on twitter), from various companies interested in peace in Kenya.

The specifics of organization and coordination of students in specific institutions will be largely left in the hands of the students themselves (student leaders). It’s time to show they are leaders of today not tomorrow.             

The alumni of these institutions are humbly  encouraged to participate wherever they are.

We have a voice,let’s speak and bring sanity to the country ahead of March 2013 polls.

All the organization and coordination requires major resources, and it’s up to every individual and company/ organizations of goodwill to participate.

Do you have a vested interest in the prevention of PEV? Own a piece of the peace process: 0722106732 is the Mpesa number.

Kenyans are usually ONE 4 out of every 5 years, the fifth year being the time to go to our tribal cocoons and support our own tribesmen/women for the presidency. Let’s tell the few kenyans who think that the president must come from their tribe, and who are willing to destroy the country for him / her, to please get a life!

I believe I’ve covered most of the bases. However, Any additions/improvements/comments/ criticisms are all most welcome.          


Kenyans, let’s not get lured into #Alshabaab’s trap of a vicious cycle of violence thru xenophobic attacks.

October 2, 2012

First is much condolences to all those who’ve lost loved ones through grenade attacks in Kenya.

I’m pretty disheartened by the recent incidence where some  irrational members of the public attacked members of Somali origin after a grenade attack that left a child dead and others injured. I understand the anger that could have prompted the incidence, but let’s not make things permanently worse because of momentary anger.

This is a trap that can easily plunge the country into a vicious cycle of violence through revenge attacks.

For starters most of the people of the Somali origin residing in Kenya are as peaceful as you and me. Incidentally, the majority of those who’ve been arraigned in court over the various grenade attacks are very Kenyan!

If we were to take the xenophobic path and start attacking people of the Somali origin, most of the victims would be innocent. Such attacks would create in the somalis a feeling of resentment towards Kenyans. There’s nothing as powerful a recruitment tool for revenge attacks as a feeling of resentment.

This resultant resentment would  provide an easy access route for the alshabaab to recruit the aggrieved Somalis  who would be ready and willing to harm the “hated Kenyans”. In fact,the resentful individuals would readily  volunteer to join the alshabaab! A few grenade attacks by people of the Somali origin would convince Kenyans that any Somali you see is a threat to your life. Most Kenyans would join the fight against Somalis. Most Somalis would now officially join alshabaab…   When do you think all this would end? I’m sure no Kenyan is interested in having the kind of relationship that Israel has with the Arabs.

I believe the reason why  most Somalis haven’t joined alshabaab is that we, Kenyans,  have treated them like Kenyans, and allowed them to go on with the crucial business of living.

Lets treat all grenades attacks as terrorism acts and allow the security apparatus to do it’s work. Lets not lower ourselves to the level of attacking another person because s/he looks like a certain terrorist we’ve seen in a newspaper! 

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

History is littered with instances of very rational people who’ve sold their countries to the enemy due to resentment!