#Obama admits that #Republicans are “hardworking family People who care deeply about this country”. #Dems…?

“And when I meet Republicans as I’m travelling around the country they’re hardworking, family people who care deeply about this country…”

This is a quote from Obama’s reply to Romney’s “47 percent” comment. The interview was recorded for  Tuesday’s “the late show with David Letterman”

These are the kind of people any country would be proud of, and the kind who essentially created the “American dream”.These are the people who want Obama out, and it’s a safe bet that they’ll most probably not vote for him.

One wonders, therefore, the kind of people Obama is representing…

By the way when did it become fashionable for the “great Americans” to look up to government for everything and to “act victims”?  Remember  “ask not what the gvt can do for you…”

Me thinks American Dems  should join their Kenyan brethren in “asking the government to intervene” in every aspect of their lives…             


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