If #Obama wins a 2nd term, #Dems will be guaranteed a minimum of 16 yrs in the political cold after 2016! #47percent

Let’s face it: Obama inherited one of the worst  economic legacies one can wish even on an enemy. Admittedly, he’s done his best in his first term as president, but apparently his best isn’t good enough.

The US economy is unlikely to improve miraculously in leaps and bounds in the coming four years, irrespective of whether it’ll be Obama or Romney at the helm. And therein lies the issue at hand.

If Obama were to win his second term, all the blame for any sluggishness in the economy will be blamed on him, and by extension the Dems. Incidentally, if he puts in place good economic policies, in addition to what he’s already done in his first term, the results will only start having a tangible impact in the long term (Most probably after his second term). Most unemployed and economically hard-up Americans will be hard pressed to buy into this logic, and will most probably give the Dems the boot. If the economy were to start improving markedly during the GOP’s presidential term( as it’s bound to anyway in about  5-7years), GOP will be seen as saviours and it’ll take ages(more than 16 yrs) to convince voters to elect Dems. 

On the other hand, if Romney were to defeat Obama,he’d inherit the economic woes currently afflicting the USA. His first term would most probably be marked by an economy in the doldrums. It’d be easier to convince voters that Romney, and by extension  the GOP were liars, and the voters feeling the pinch of the poor economy would readily make Romney’s a one-term presidency.                    


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