I hope this passage from Fredrick Forsyth’s “The Odessa File” strikes a cord in kenyans’ minds…

“Before the war just about everyone in Germany knew at least one Jew.The fact is,before Hitler started, nobody hated the Jews in Germany. We had the best record of treatment of our Jewish minority of any country in Europe. Better than France better, than Spain,infinitely better than Poland and Russia, where the pogroms were fiendish.

“Then Hitler started. Telling people the Jews were to blame for the first  war, the unemployment,the poverty and everything else that was wrong. People didn’t know what to believe. Everyone knew at least one Jew who was a nice guy. Or just harmless. People had Jewish friends,good friends;Jewish employers, good employers; Jewish employees, hard workers. They obeyed the laws; they didn’t hurt anyone. And here was Hitler saying they were to blame for everything.

“So when the vans came and took the away,people didn’t do anything. They stayed out of the way, kept quiet. They even got to believing the voice that shouted the loudest. Because that’s the way people are.”                


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