Waxing lyrical about inept leadership without proposed solutions will make things even worse for Kenya

Everyone is falling into the usual trap of enumerating problems with nary a proposed solutions in sight. Activist are all over the place shouting about “Mpigs”, vultures etc and on how we need to get rid of them. Articles on the same theme abound allover the internet, the mainstream  media is awash with them. Heck, even “jaguar” has sang about it.

The problem is the politician and we shall vote him/ her out and in his stead we elect a cow? angle?, Satan?, what?.

Politics are here to stay, and politicians will always be voted in. The net-effect of such pronouncements will be getting the enlightened voters to despair of politics, leaving the morons to elect the waibaras of this world.

And I’m talking from experience: I recall with a mixture of nostalgia and disgust a particular episode way back in ’97 elections during  nominations for a councilor’s position which had very good capable candidates  any of whom could’ve made a very  good representative for our area. It was during  those days when an area had one dominant political  party and being nominated in one was as good as a guaranteed elective seat. “The party” in our area was DP.

The campaigns were lively and the elite of the area discussed about tackling real issues and were enthused  about the best way forward to achieve the same as proposed by the various candidates. Those were good times.

During the nomination day, however, political thugs intervened, disrupted the whole nomination process and imposed their own candidate as the nominated one. The fallout that ensued killed even the tiniest desires of the enlightened to engage in the whole  political process and we all became spectators.

Eventually the elections came and passed and we were all shocked to realize that the imposed candidate didn’t win. It gets worse: the person who eventually became our councillor wasn’t even from the Ward he represented( our Ward) and the rest as they say is history.

We need to keep the electorate engaged in the political process by proposing the kinds of politicians we are to replace the current with eg in terms of academic qualifications, age, track record etc. Otherwise we risk making things Worse.

I’m proposing that the MP or Senator should have at least a first degree certificate and a governor a masters degree as minimum qualifications.

I have an issue with the idea of having a “track record” as it will effectively lock out many qualified and capable youths from getting elected.             


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3 Responses to “Waxing lyrical about inept leadership without proposed solutions will make things even worse for Kenya”

  1. Alex Says:

    Because I recently committed the sin of waxing I guess I should step up and throw in my 2 cents.

    I want a leader who values good honest hard work above everything else. No short-cuts, get rich quick schemes, handouts (read donors), white elephant visions, etc, just a simple work ethic and high standards. That’s what I propose, but I’m not sure where to find this mythical creature.

    • Njuguna Ngugi Says:

      Well, while u r waiting for that mythical leader, there will be elections and A few more waibaras will be voted in. ..

      • Alex Says:

        And here I was hoping you would point out a few good men/women who are running, or is the point that the few good amongst us should run instead of waiting for others to do so? I don’t think we can handle another round of waibaras…

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