Did u know that Martha Karua is not a woman?

As soon as she declared her presidential ambitions, Karua became of the same weird  “gender” known as “Mt Kenya Mafia” or “Kikuyu”  together with Uhuru Kenyatta.

Martha Karua is simply at the right place at precisely the WRONG time.

You remember the #teamKenya heroes i.e kemboi and Rudisha? If they dared run for the presidency in this country today, to many a Kenyan’s mind  they’d move from Kenyan champions to just another kalenjin and masaai respectively. The transition from heroes to villains would happen faster than bolt can bolt 100m.

In politics Kenyan, any other qualifications is secondary to tribe when it comes to the presidency. We are less concerned with the gender, the degrees certificates(or lack thereof) the track record, the party and it’s manifesto etc. 

The good news is that this tribal mindset has severe consequences only when it comes to the presidency. This means that if we can somehow remove the presidency from the equation, we’d be more likely to behave as one country,  one people.

Without the presidency and tribe blocking our way, we would be able to scrutinize and vet  the qualifications of the aspirants for other seats such as the governors, MPs, senators etc. As things stand now, Kenyans will just elect “suits” and we’ll end up with many  Waibaras( the MP who’s alleged to have paid someone to seat for him the proficiency test necessary to contest as MP) and then whine about inept leadership for the next Five years.

I’m proposing that the first amendment to the constitution should be on scraping the presidential system. Voters should  elect the party and occupants to all other elective  positions except the president. The party with majority in Parliament gets the executive prime minister position, and then the legislature (Senate and National assembly) votes for a ceremonial president, just the same way they elect the speaker.  In any case, the president in the current constitution will be, for all practical purposes and intents ceremonial.

In the mean time, may I suggest that Karua and Uhuru step down from contesting the presidency for just one term and support members of another tribe eg wamalwa or mudavadi? No?

Then again, whom am I to give workable solutions to a perennial tribal issue threatening to get out of hand. You and I will still be here when the shit hits the fan… 


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