Maybe,just maybe women shouldn’t vote…

If women didn’t vote,the quality of the men elected would change little if any. In other words presence of women votes seem to add little QUALITY in the electoral process, and an overwhelming QUANTITY given that they constitute over 50% of registered voters!

Women fought for and gained full suffrage rights: the suffrage rights some women so take for granted  were not handed to them on a silver platter!

The question that always does rounds in my head is: what was in the first woman-suffragist’s mind when she decided that women needed to have the right to vote? Was it to merely exercise their right to vote (assuming “the right to vote” risked being obese due to lack of exercises), or was it so that they could elect better men ( with the complaints over poor political leadership, they’ll then have utterly  failed), or was it to help men elect bad or inept men leaders?

Unfortunately, women gained their suffrage rights in a patriarchal society where leader mainly connotes strength, and strength implies man, therefore, leader means man. This I can “understand” and sympathize with. However, a century plus since then we should be having a society which should have moved beyond the gender of the person to the quality of the leader.

It’s weird that women will fight for women to be appointed to leadership positions, but when I tell them to elect women they hit me with a patriarchal cliche, “we don’t need women leaders, but good leaders”! For instance in Kenya women lawyers have variously taken  president kibaki to court for appointing fewer women than the third stipulated in the constitution. Some of these appointments are actually equal in stature to the elective positions they only whisper about in NGO conferences. The most recent case in point is the county commissioners which is largely equivalent to county Governors. Barring occurrence of a miracle, we are unlikely to elect even a single woman governor in Kenya, a sorry state of affairs given that women constitute about 50% of the registered voters!

Which reminds me of another weird scenario: women blame women failure to run for office as the reason we have few elected women. You’ll see on social media women exhorting other women to run for office, rather that organizing themselves to vote for those who’ve already shown the interest!  Just tell me, what’d be the point of running for an elective position knowing for a fact that people won’t vote for you?! Unless you want to tell me that if we have 100 women running for a single seat they’d actually magically get elected…

One complaint from seemingly educated women has been that once women get elected, they end up being assimilated to the patriarchy culture and rarely serve the women. These women actually get elected by MEN! Even during their campaigns they are always at pains to distance themselves from women issues. In as much as they are biologically women they are politically men. These women once elected, therefore, bend over backwards to please their core constituency: Men. Until women come out and overwhelmingly vote for women..

I used to hate it when some people said that we get the political leaders we deserve, but after careful thought I can’t  agree with them more! Men and women in Kenya and USA vote mainly for men because we believe leader means man.Before I started the project “women and men are leaders”, I asked a group of pupils to draw a leader and most of them(both boys and girls) drew a man! You can make your own conclusions.

Leader’s influence is dual pronged: through the formal position and from the quality the person he/she becomes. I’m interested in women in politics not for what they can do for me in their official capacity, but as women-leader role models for our young daughters.

Women might be interested in more women in politics for women-friendly legislation as most policy decisions are made at the political level.

As a society more women in politics will benefit us through  the quality women might bring to leadership.

Men will always be reluctant to vote for women as they know politics is real power and they might not want to cede any to women. So it’s up to women to vote for women.

In my books, there’s nothing that says “weakness” in caps like Affirmative action!

By the bye, anytime a woman votes for a man expecting he’ll support women issues is deluded. Actually she’s confusing activity with achievement!, pretty much akin to a sheep taking her lambs to a wolf’s daycare..

It’s about time women stopped allowing themselves to be used as filler material in the electoral process.

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One Response to “Maybe,just maybe women shouldn’t vote…”

  1. Victor Tollo Says:

    theres some militant feminism here….

    but actually female leadership is making progress not just in angola, germany, sierraleone, Argentina, southkorea, malawi, Israel n Australia where the top office is headed by females but also in kenya. just don’t expect hundreds 0f years of world order to change in 5yrs or even 50

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