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IF @ukenyatta, is guilty of those #ICC charges, then he deserves the #KingofKikuyu title! Cc @Teamuhuru @oleitumbi

July 24, 2012

I’ve had it said that the charges facing the infamous ocampo4 are grave, and they’ve been christened “crimes against humanity”. From the way the ICC has handled the whole matter, I’m convinced that either the crimes are not that grave or the ICC is a mediocre court.

For starters, The ICC has made the whole PEV about two tribes viz.: the kalenjin vs Kikuyu. In it’s (doubtful) wisdom, It picked leaders from the two tribes and hauled them to court.

This assumption on the side of the ICC is not only erroneous, but embarrassing for an entity with the tag “international” appended to it’s name. It’s clearly indicative of the fact that they didn’t do much investigations of their own, and that ICC mainly relied on hearsay from people with vested interests in the case. PEV was more widespread than what the ICC is trying to portray as a tribal tiff. In any case if it was just the two tribes, the ICC should have been involved in earlier cases between the two tribes ie 1992 and 1997.

Secondly, the ICC has framed the court’s proceedings as “case one (Ruto and Sang  started the whole thing, and then case two (Uhuru and Muthaura) happened”. Translation: case one is of the crimes of attacking and case two is of those who were  forced to defend themselves from attacks.

If someone attacks you, and you injure him/her in the process of self-defense, how on earth does it happen that the charges preferred to both parties are exactly the same? Or maybe the ICC is a stickler to the Biblical teachings which states that “if someone slaps you…”

Kenyans were killed, maimed, raped, dispossessed of private properties during the 07/08 PEV in Nairobi and Kisumu. Does the ICC want to imply that those were lesser crimes and the people affected are not considered “humanity”  or what?

At the very least, the whole of ODM and PNU top brass during that conflict should have been in the dock charged with causing PEV. Otherwise, the whole case as it stands now reads mediocrity in caps!

IF Uhuru Kenyatta is guilty as charged by the the ICC, he therefore should be viewed as having acted in self-defense as a leader in his community and deserves the crown! Incidentally, Uhuru Kenyatta is the only person on record who tried to prevent the escalation of violence by telling his Kikuyu people not to harm workers from other tribes!  

Having said that, however, I hope Uhuru Kenyatta realizes he’s already a leader, and that he doesn’t need to be in statehouse (unlike some people I know)  to serve the people of Kenya; Leadership is not a position!  He should step down from running for the presidency for at least two terms.

In fact if he simply campaigned for the TNA party and supported somebody from another ethnic community for the presidency such Mudavadi, Uhuru kenyatta would be better placed to convince Kenyans to come together as one people and start the long journey to ethnic-healing. In fact his TNA would easily become a national party.

To Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta: Be a #Mandela not a #Kibaki!             



Role of citizen media in preventing PEV in #Kenya’s upcoming elections. #GV2012

July 2, 2012

I’ve read the winning posts from kenya at Gv2012, and I must state that they are quite enlightening. Kudos to the selection panel.

Having said that however,I couldn’t fail to notice that most of them had no idea what really  caused the PEV. Without proper diagnosis we’ll all end up with a flawed prescription..

The real cause of post election violence in Kenya was due to the unholy alliance between the presidency and tribe. It’s widely believed that once a tribe has the presidency, the gravy train that is the government resources head the tribes way.

It’s hard to fault this faulty reasoning given that the previous three governments have had skewed employment and resources allocation methodologies which were seen to benefit members of certain communities.

This whole powder keg was complicated by Kenya’s democracy’s one main weakness : numerical differences of the various tribes that form the political  entity kenya. The so called “mt Kenya Mafia” ie the Kikuyu and the tribes around mt Kenya who vote more or less as a block have the potential of monopolizing the presidency to the end of the world, due to their large  numbers. This creates resentment in the members of other tribes. In fact, in 2007, most MT Kenyan Mafia voted for kibaki to a man or woman. While members of the other tribes voted for Raila, except  kambas who voted for their man kalonzo.

The solution to all this would have been to get rid of the presidency all together and have a parliamentary system which I tried to push for in the run-up to the constitutional review.

The COE, however, gave us a second- best solution which is still workable: They distributed the immense powers of the presidency to the other three  arms of government. The CoE made just one mistake of making the hurdles to attaining the presidency quite steep which gives the impression that the presidency will be a very  powerful one. 
The main work of the citizen media should be to inform the public of the fact that the presidency is no longer the same as in the old constitution. And that the president will not benefit a tribe so it’ll be nonsensical to believe that one will only benefit if the president comes from his her tribe.

Nota Bene: Politics trumps other social issues, I know of many  couples who had very stable inter-tribal marriages which collapsed in the wake of 07/08 PEV crises.