#Political #Leadership Qualifications debate in #Kenya

This moronic debate should not even be going on in the 21st century Kenya! However since we are here we might as well partake in it.

To me, leadership  is basically “a perceived ability (or capability) of an individual or an organization”. This perception can be actively acquired eg through political campaigns or ads or it can be passively acquired eg when an individual or organization  excels at what he/she/it does, thereby being recognized as a cut above the rest. The criteria  or qualities people consider in order to qualify something or someone as a “leader” are as varied as individuals in a society, as one person’s food is another’s poison.  They also range from scientific to intuitive. This, however,is a story for another day…

Once leadership qualities have been recognized, a leader has immense power of influence on the behavior of those who perceive it, hereinafter referred to as followers ( supporters)

For the record two things. For starters, the relationship between a “degree certificate” and “good leadership” is correlative  rather than causative. Secondly,Having a degree certificate, or lack thereof,  has nothing to do with monetary success in life, cases in point being Moi and Karume.

Having said that, however, let me state categorically that a leader should be like Caesar’s wife: beyond reproach. A political leader, given the prominent position he/she occupy in the society, should be more Catholic than the Pope.

This is because Politicians not only influence people’s behavior through  performance of their official duties, but also influence by being role models to the society.

The ideal in political leadership should be to elect a person we all aspire to be as a society. Right now in Kenya, every Tom Dick and Njuguna Values education for their children above all else. This should dictate that we go for highly educated leaders, not only to for qualified performance of public duties,but also for our children’ role models

Removing higher education qualification in political leadership leaves too many loopholes for voting in mediocre leadership.   

I’m not blind to the fact that education might just be valued in the society, not as an end in itself, but a means to an end,ie a bridge to wealth.

People will, therefore, continue voting for people with tonnes of money, irrespective of how they got the wealth in the first place. Politicians will basically need lots of many to “bribe” voters into voting them in. This means they’ll most likely have had shady dealings in getting the money. Alternatively,they get monetary backing from Shady characters who bankroll their campaigns. Either way, once in power, those politicians will have to get back the money they spent on campaigns. To cut a long story short, the vicious cycle of corruption…

I’d be the first person to admit that everyone is a leader in various aspects. My position here is that  there are many other leadership positions that those people without higher education can excel and serve the society in. But for crying out loud, let politics be dominated by highly educated people! Unless of course you need mediocre leaders because you are mediocre yourself…                 


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