Until #Kibaki,#Raila,#Orengo,#Nyong’o are part of the #ICC list, the “Hague suspects” thing is just crap!

Kibaki’s blame on the PEV issue is basically “sins of omission”. For starters he was supposed to, and even promised to be a one-term president. To most of us he was supposed to serve as a stop gap measure, abridge if you like between the KANU regime and the truly  multiparty politics era. By reneging on that promise and deciding to run for a second term, he set the stage for all the grievances that culminated in the PEV. He gave tribal Kenyans the excuse of painting him a tribal Kikuyu and associating him with Kenyatta’s regime’s sins and the rest is history.

Secondly,His being declared elected as president, and being  sworn in “at night”  after a very controversial and contested general elections Gave tribalists the excuse to violently carryout the “42 minus 1” agenda, with the Kikuyu retaliating. This is the long and short of ’07/’08 PEV.

Raila’s PEV contribution was both “sins of commission and omission”. On the issue of omission, like kibaki the PEV was basically “fought for him”. The violence was an endeavour to make him president.

Raila’s sin of commission was that he actively encouraged his supporters to violence by calling on them to engage in “mass Action”( read: violence) until they got rid of kibaki from statehouse. He’s also on record saying that they’ll not take their grievance to the courts and they’d seek solutions through mass action. This gave looters, rapist, killers the green light to do what they do best all in the name of mass action. I’m just hoping Raila’s disdain for the rule of law won’t lead us down the PEV path again.I shudder to remember him, a whole prime minister, calling the high court “Korti bandia”( bogus or fake courts)!

Orengo and Anyang’ Nyong’o were daily on nation Media TV and radio calling for sustained mass action. Infact, one of them was on national television saying that if “one tribe can live with the others should…”

In politics words from politicians pack a heavier punch  than words from other individuals. I posit here that the inflammatory statements from each of these politicians had an impact many times over what a minion like Joshua Sang had.

In any case, if the ICC only deals with the major perpetrators, they should have gone for the then minister of internal security, the late Michuki instead of Gen Ali, and kibaki instead of Muthaura. Unless phrase “the person who bears the greatest responsibility” used by ocampo  changed it’s meaning and I didn’t get the memo…  

Adding this list to the ocampo4 gives us Bensouda8.

Without these Bensouda8, I’ll be the first one to append my signature to Uhuru’s ICC  petition,provided he drops his presidential bid!

My conspiracy-theory-prone mind is still of the idea that inclusion of Uhuru in that list had the ulterior motive of making Uhuru president. Before the whole ICC case, Uhuru was just another also- ran presidential candidate. In fact he could’ve been defeated hands down by one Peter Kenneth, or even Karua.

After being included in the list of ocampo6 (now ocampo4) his political fortunes went through the roof. Most of his supporters whom I call “sympathy supporters” are Kikuyus who feel (and rightly so) that he’s being sacrificed. ICC has therefore turned uhuru into a hero, and if he’s jailed he’ll become a martyr.

The ICC is now considering having the trials start after the elections in March 2013 probably to give uhuru the chance to contest the presidency. The powers behind this case are hoping he’ll win…

Unfortunately,they’re foreigners who have no idea what caused the ’07/’08 PEV and as such they’re not aware that another Kikuyu presidency after kibaki is untenable to majority of Kenyans. Let them keep on backing the wrong horse.

The closest uhuru can get to the presidency in 2012/3 elections is the vice-presidency/ running mate.

Any combination with Uhuru as the running mate and the president being from another tribe outside GEMA will basically stroll into statehouse.Take this to the bank.                            



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