The “egg and chicken” political Question: btwn the #leader and #followers (supporters) who’s the REAL BOSS?

I’ve heard the phrases “we deserve the political leaders we’ve got” or “political leaders are a mirror to the society”  more times that I lost count. This has got me thinking that maybe there’s a grain of truth in it.

Leader and leadership concepts are complex entities to define, so definitions will be a story for another day.  suffice it to say that the most useless definition I’ve come across so far is that “leader is a person who do the right things and a manager is a person who  do things right”.

Back to the issue at hand, How do politicians get elected. The “best” of them “listen” to the electorate. They familiarize themselves thoroughly  with the issues that the voters hold dear. The issues might be the traditional ones (employment, infrastructure, education etc) to social ones (eg tribe, religion, race).

The politician then pick up the issues and eloquently amplify them. The voters identify with the person as representing their views. They follow such an individual and eventually vote for him. Talk of representative democracy!

The unfortunate thing is that as group, people tend to have an average IQ of the dumbest of them all, and as such the kind of issues that will gain prominence are at best non-issues and at worst destructive ones. The politician might subscribe to the issues he’s expounding on, then again he/she might  just use the issues as stepping stones to an elective position.

The upshot: the followers (voters) set the agenda for the leaders, and then  elect the person who most eloquently amplifies that agenda. The tragedy of democracy is that it’s the rule by majority and if the majority in a community are engaged in trivia…

If you feel the need to blame someone for the leadership woes in your country or constituency,blame the voters or better yet, find a mirror…

Until the intellectuals get involved in setting the elective agenda in the society, we’ll always have mediocre leadership and the best we’ll do about it is whine in our blogs and scientific journals.  

I’ll start blaming the elected leaders when one of them takes my vote from my pocket and votes for him/herself!

Women are wasting all their time and resources teaching women leaders how to get elected, and I’m always telling them that it’s the voters who determine the leaders. Mary, the mother of Jesus, wouldn’t be elected if she contested for an elective position in a society that believes “leader” is the Greek term for “man”. If we need women elected (and we do) we need to focus on voters, especially women voters.

I am specific about women voters because any elected  politician will conduct his/her political  affairs in such a way as not to antagonize his/her core voting constituency. Women elected by men will bend over backwards not to alienate the men votes even if it means pushing the women issues under the bus, so to speak.   





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