If we had 50% women in Kenya representation in Parliament, Would kibaki have dared to appoint 1woman out of 47 county commissioners?


I doubt it.

The number of women in elective positions in politics dictate the proportion of women in appointive or nominative positions in the rest of government structure. 

This is what I mean by “all other forms of leadership pay homage to political leadership”

With gender parity at the political level, it’ll be easier to make it cascade downwards as opposed to the current paradigm of trying to roll it uphill.

Women have full suffrage rights, the numerical strength and  the leadership capability. If they decided to elect women…

All that is missing is a coherent connection between leadership and politics. There is this pervasive notion in the society that politics is a different kind of leadership; dirty, and one only thugs are involved in. A common refrain you hear when you talk about women and political leadership is that there are other forms of leadership that women are engaged in. This is not something I can argue with because it’s a fact.

The difference between political leadership and other forms of leadership is one of degree than of kind. I know of many women who have perennially been elected without engaging in “dirty politics”. “Politics is a dirty game for seemingly clean people” is just a phrase we need to get over and move forward.  

When we have more women in politics it will forestall kibaki and other male politicians  from taking women for granted, and treating women rights as favours!

Incidentally, county commissioners are equal ( if not lower)  in rank to the  county Governors. By this kind appointments, Kibaki is telling Kenyans that WOMEN CANNOT be GOVERNORS!

I hope women disagree, vote for women governors, and change the country for the better. “If you educate a girl…” what if you elect a woman …? 



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