KIBAKI is Shouting over the “ceremonial presidency” in the current constitution, but Kenyans are either hard of hearing or too daft to read in between the lines!

I used to think phrases such as “actions speak louder than words” meant something. There was this cartoonist in one of the dailies that tried to tell Kenyans the frustrations kibaki is having with his unilateral  appointments. 

Since the promulgation of the “new constitution”, kibaki has been eating nothing but humble pie. He has made several “Unilateral” appointments which have been contested by his coalition partner, Raila, and in the courts. The appointments have subsequently been quashed,and the whole process has had to start from scratch, and followed the proper constitutional processes.

Either kibaki and his handlers are still in the old-constitution mentality,or they are trying to subtly pass the message to kenyans that the presidency in the current constitution is nothing to write home about. I’m tempted to go with the latter argument,unless kibaki is having  insanity as defined by one Einstein: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.   

If one goes through the constitution with a fine tooth brush, one realizes that the presidency has all the functions present in the old constitution,but no power at all. The presidency is basically powerful in theory,not practice. There’s no room whatsoever for unilateral decisions. The “presidency’s powers” is now  like “free-will” in religion. The president will have the functions of appointment and dismissal of most senior personnel in government, but she/he will have to get the go ahead from Parliament on EVETYTHING! The president will for all practical purposes and intents be a rubber stamp.

I know most Kenyans love to hate the current  coalition government arrangement, and most politicians can be heard vowing never to get into such an arrangement. I’ll laugh for five good years when they get to the presidency only to realize they have a worse arrangement, with Parliament calling the shots!      

I understand politics, and leadership in general, is by and large a function of perception, and as such kibaki wouldn’t want to come all out and declare the presidency ceremonial. This is mainly  because it would expose the presidency as a facade and make it almost impossible to govern. I’m suspecting that this is the same reason that the COE (committee of experts) decided to make the process of getting to statehouse so hard, to give the impression that once one passes all the gruelling huddles on his/her way to the presidency then one is powerful and all Kenyans are supposed to pay homage to the president-elect.

All this is well and good in an ideal country where the politicians and the electorate are mature enough not to behave like high school kids. It would be nice to watch all these politicians go around the country lying to Kenyans how they’ll get  them piped milk to their homes. 

However, with the prospect of violence hanging over Kenya like the famed sword of Damocles, it makes my heart sink. Kenyans will destroy the country and each other over a useless presidency!                       


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4 Responses to “KIBAKI is Shouting over the “ceremonial presidency” in the current constitution, but Kenyans are either hard of hearing or too daft to read in between the lines!”

  1. Muhammad Nyamwanda (@Nyamwanda) Says:

    This is laughable ndugu, just because you have sensed a Raila win is in the offing you now want his supporters not to vote for him since in your opinion the presidency is no good anymore? Whatever man lets meet at the ballot box #OdmReloaded

    • Njuguna Ngugi Says:

      Nyamwanda, we are used to Raila’s incessant complaints of “mkate nusu” as justification for his non- action. If he ever became president, and that’s a BIG if, we expect nothing more or less.
      To all other presidential candidates : stop lying to Kenyans you will do this or the other when you become president! But knowing Kenyans they’ll buy anything cheap…

  2. kimemiaandy Says:

    The presidency hasn’t become ceremonial. Its stopped being a feudal emperor in disguise. That’s what Kenyans were clamouring for and we got it

    • Njuguna Ngugi Says:

      And Kenyans fight and kill for an imperial presidency. I hope we all realize it’s changed and we all settle down

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