Every other Tom, Dick and Marende wants to be Senator or Governor….what about MP?

Apparently every other popular politician, and politician wannabes, have their eyes firmly  set on either the presidency or the new seats ie Governor and Senator.

The last time I checked, for all practical purposes and intents, the government will be, by and large, run by the legislature, and more particularly the National assembly. In my analysis MPs will even be involved in the determination of the exact amount of money allocated to the counties.       

Whichever the party that controls the national assembly will be effectively running the government irrespective of whether or not it has the presidency. In fact,Parliament checks the presidency so much that the president will need permission from Parliament to go to the Loos!

Incidentally, the useless seats are the ones that have the stringent of conditions to acquire. It seems Kenyans have internalized “the steeper the price the superior the quality…” idea.

The BIG Question is: if every able-minded politician ends up as a governor or senator, who will run the government,mediocre thugs?

Kenyans, read the constitution and be afraid. Be very afraid!           


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