Mudavadi: Kenya’s best shot at a peaceful election followed by a stable country.

By now you must have noticed I’m concerned with the greater ideal of having a peaceful election in Kenya, which will lead to a stable country, and eventually to development. Nobody should ever lie to you that there can be development without peace and stability in a country.

For those of us who’ve decided to forget, prior to 2007 general elections, the economy was growing at 7%. By the time Kenyans were done behaving like high- school- kids- on- strike( read:PEV), the country was barely doing a 1% on the growth scale. We would be very far if we had avoided the PEV, and instead  built on the 7% growth.

Mudavadi’s presidency has the potential of uniting Kenyans across the country. Everybody recognizes his mild behavior as an asset the country desperately need. In the upcoming elections Kenya needs a president who is non confrontational.

According to the recent opinion polls, he was rated as one who can easily get support from all the regions in the country.

There’s a time for everything and this is not the time for a president who will attract unnecessary confrontation. Any Kikuyu presidency is, to put it mildly, a powder keg waiting to explode. You could recall the reaction to kimunya’s appointments at the KPA recently. There’d be so much friction we would easily head the ’07/’08 way.

On the other hand,Raila’s unnecessarily confrontational stance over the ICC has spoiled his candidature. In fact, his confrontations with the ocampo4 has been behind the rise in the two guys’ popularity. Uhuru and Ruto have whatever support they have because of sympathy. The support base of these two feel (rightly or wrongly) that the two are being sacrificed at the alter of Raila’s presidency. If Raila won, irrespective of whether he won fair & square, there’d  always be issues. This would not be a conducive environment for investment by both local and foreign investors, thereby, no development.  

I’m hoping that we can all, irrespective of our tribal background, vote and support mudavadi,unless we are more interested in unnecessary confrontation rather than peace. I’ve heard it said that kibaki is fronting mudavadi just in case the ocampo2 get barred from contesting. This means kibaki is not as tribal as some pple have made him appear. This is however neither here nor there. Kenyans, and Kenya needs Mudavadi.  

Let’s make the presidency something that unites us rather than something that creates a wedge between us as  Kenyans.

For your information, the president will not bring development. It’s us, Kenyans, who’ll work hard and make the economy grow. This will only happen in a peaceful, stable  environment.

By the bye, I’ve not said Mr Mudavadi is perfect: Him who has no sin cast the first stone. If you need to elect a pastor to be your president, I’ll ask pastor Muiru…                    


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5 Responses to “Mudavadi: Kenya’s best shot at a peaceful election followed by a stable country.”

  1. ericmaiben Says:

    Well said its already time for real change in our beloved counntry.Well should have a paradigm shift from tribal elections to issue based election,and only one person has shown that Musalia Mudavadi aka MM

  2. Evans Maina Bukachi Says:

    I have always said and will never relent… Hon. Musalia Mudavadi,is the most preferred candidate to succeed President Kibaki. Kenya is still fragile owing to the PEV which is still fresh in our minds and for this reason we need a leader who is humble,calm and composed who will help us heal the pains we incurred during the time,who will unite us all Kenyans irrespective of tribe or region. Personally,i have faith in him and i believe he is going to help us achieve our millenium goals as Kenyans. We dont want leaders who are only good at bulldozing matters to their own benefit. Go Go Go Go… Musalia.

  3. Bmutobera Says:

    Mudavadi is the man 2reconcile Kenya lets giv him wat he deserves

  4. George Kirigia Says:

    Good insights. Repeat it on rooftops close to polling day.

  5. Stuttistician Says:

    You r wrong, playing safe never won anything. 2007 change was aborted n we hav to cros tht bridge.
    Mudavadi is a man who has never stood for anythng.He wil fall for anythng lyk we jst saw.
    Whoever lied to Kikuyus tht Raila is a devil shud give us a good reason. my answer is Kibaki saying Raila Tosha weather central 4lows or nt

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