#Ngara #grenadeattacks: isn’t it time we pulled KDF out of Somalia?

For starters, and for the benefit of those with short memories or worse selective amnesia, Kenya went to war with the amorphous group Alshabaab after a few tourists were abducted, and some killed at the coast province.

The logic behind the war with alshabaab was that if we can take the war to their bases in Somali, we would prevent further forays into the Kenyan territory, of abductors who were screwing around with our tourism sector. This was an excellent  idea as it’s said in football that the best form of defense is attack. However,we deliberately disregarded a few facts which makes the war with alshabaab look like a sister to the war the US is fighting in Afghanistan.

First, Alshabaab is like alqaida: without a specific government within specific territorial boundaries. This brings up the issue of success or accomplishment. In Iraq, at least there was  a sovereign  country and a government headed by a president. The US army could point to the toppling of the regime as mission accomplished, and pull out with grace. In Kenya’s case, we are fighting an amorphous  group within a sovereign  country. Given that there’s no particular organizational structure which we are aiming at toppling, theoretically this war with alshabaab can go on to the end of the world without any sense of accomplishment.

Secondly, Many Somalis are in Kenya thanks to lack of a stable government in Somali in decades, coupled with the various environmental disaster such as drought. Most of the Somalis initially enter the country as refugees and then end up as citizens thank to the corruption within the various government department involved. In fact, I’d reckon that the better half of Somalis are actually in Kenya, either at the refugee camps, in eastleigh, or all over the country. And given that alshabaab doesn’t have specific uniforms, or a particular branding on their faces, they can easily mingle with the rest of Kenyans in Kenya while leaving a few armed men in the jungles of Somalia to keep the KDF exercised.

In fact, the presence of a lot of Somalis in Kenya has complicated security operations to flash out  alshabaab elements from among them. The government doesn’t want to appear to be engaging in racial profiling. While KDF is busy fighting in Somalia the alshabaab is here with us.         

Thirdly, the issue of going to war with Somalia to protect Kenya’s  tourism sector was myopic. Any sane person would have realised it would be much more cost effective to beef up security to the areas affected than taking Kenya defence forces to war in Somalia.

Incidentally, the KDF wasn’t even able to rescue the woman who was abducted at a hotel in the coast province. She was released a few months ago after her family and friends paid the Ransom.

Before the war with alshabaab, no kenyan lived in terror under the threat of a grenade attack. After the grenade attack in a church at Angara, and a previous one at a crusade in Mombasa, a lot of Kenyans  will avoid going to church, Crusades. In other words the war in Somalia is disruption normal social lives in Kenya.

KDF’s stay in Somalia will give lots of people excuses to use grenades on innocent Kenyans to advance their causes. Its now evident that the grenade attack are taking a religious nuance. Let’s just hope the MRC doesn’t do a collabo with alshabaab…
BY show of replies,  how many tourists would like to visit Kenya with grenade attacks right left and center? And I thought we went to war to make Kenya peaceful, I vital ingredient in tourism…        


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One Response to “#Ngara #grenadeattacks: isn’t it time we pulled KDF out of Somalia?”

  1. Nkathakc Says:

    Something every Kenyan should know.
    “There is no such thing as a good war and there is no such thing as a bad peace.” — Benjamin Franklin ..

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