Any kenyan deluded that the presidency is powerful enough to offer something to them?

Functions of the president

Article 132 (1) Ceremonial functions such as addressing Parliament, state of the union address,publishing the same in the Kenya gazette…
                   (2) President shall nominate, AND WITH APPROVAL OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLY,appoint or dismiss: cabinet secretaries, AG, secretary to the cabinet, principal secretaries, diplomatic representatives,

                    (3) more CEREMONIAL functions:chair cabinet meetings, direct and coordinate functions of the various government ministries and departments, assign responsibility for implementation of acts of Parliament…

                  (4) more ceremonial functions: receive diplomatic representatives, confer honours, declaring war WITH APPROVAL FROM PARLIAMENT       
                  (5) more ceremonial functions : ensuring compliance with international obligations of the republic through the actions of relevant ministries   

133 (1) WITH ADVICE FROM ADVISORY COMMITTEE, president may exercise the power of mercy. 

115(6) presidential assent: A bill can actually become an act of Parliament (law) WITHOUT PRESIDENTIAL ASSENT!

As things stand now, the only thing a president can do without consultations with Parliament or some other body is Declaration of state of emergency 132(4)(e).

So what do you think president will do for your tribe given that s/he even needs permission to scratch his behind from Parliament?

I know of people who were complaining about ODM’s incessant complaints of non consultation; wait till Parliament legally takes its role as the “Coalition partner”!

For all practical purposes and intents, the next government be run by Parliament.                                                                   
The presidency only appears powerful due to the stiff requirements for winning it.   


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