#KOT, This==>”@Robertalai: Harry Mwangi moderating Waiguru,Gitau and Kamau then the same forum talks of fighting tribalism.#connectedKE ” Is the reason I’m saying Kenyans haven’t changed!

Alai is just one of millions of Kenyans  who are yet to grow out of this tribal thinking where Kenyans are judged by their ethnic  names.

The assumption is that any Kikuyu currently in the civil service is there by virtue of belonging to  kibaki’s tribe. I’m sure there are others saying the same about  “Oduors”& “Otienos” being in the civil service courtesy of their hailing from the same tribe as Raila.

The NCIC is not helping matters either with its “ethnic balancing” proposals. It is giving credence to the faulty reasoning by many Kenyans  that once you have a president from your tribe, you and your tribesmen & tribeswomen will get jobs in the civil service.

Ethnic balancing will of essence make ethnic names the basic qualifications for employment in the civil service. I’m yet to know of the “tribe” of children from a union between a Luhya and a Kikuyu, for example. 

The upshot: Kenyans haven’t changed!

At our current state of mind as a nation, I have this feeling that if Jesus came back and said his name is Kamau many Kenyans would end up in hell…   



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