#KENYAN, the 46th Tribe! #KOT Lets counter @NCIC_kenya’s tribalism.

I’ve just realized we, Kenyans, just pay lip-service to eradication of tribalism(read: negative ethnicity). I used to chalk it all down to politics, but after what National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) is doing, I’ve realized it’s due to inexcusable, unmitigated  myopia!

Using people’s names in employment records to classify them as tribes, and going right ahead to come up with a policy to “balance tribes” in the civil service is the height of mediocrity – nay, madness!  . 

That a Qualified  person will be denied a job just because his “tribe is over represented” is pure madness; those tribesmen are not earning money for all the members of the tribe for crying out loud!

These ethnic stats are doing more harm to cohesion than good, unless “cohesion” & “integration” have acquired new meanings, and I didn’t get the memo!

To counter this apparent officially  sanctioned perpetuation of tribalism, I’ve decided to established my movement: KENYAN, 46th tribe!

The first step will be advising all Kenyans to avoid as much as possible writing names that might indicate your tribe on official records. If you can be able to do it go change those names on the documents, now.

When you get blessed with a child, name the child the usual names according to your ethnic rules, BUT MAKE SURE THAT THE ETHNIC NAMES ARE NOT IN ANY OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS ( Birth certificates, school certificates).

I love being who I am and the tribe I belong to, and I’m pretty sure You also feel the same way. No tribe is superior or inferior to another,just different!

If you want to write the tribal names on official records, go right ahead,Your child will suffer alone when s/he can’t b employed because there too many people from his/her tribe!

PRIVATE companies: Do not include ethnic names in your official records, unless you want the law to disrupt meritocracy in you organization,and by extension your profits!     




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