Another#Kikuyu presidency in #Kenya after #kibakl? As a kyuk I know its a bad idea!

For starters,I’m a Kikuyu so don’t go around thinking that I’m against the Kikuyu as a tribe.

With that out of the way, I’ll proceed to get my point home: The problem with Kenya is the perception that presidency benefits the tribe. The problem is compounded by the fact that tribes happen to have numerical differences, with the most populous being the Kikuyu at 22%.

If people were to vote for a president from their tribe(happened in ’07), members of other tribes feel that the Kikuyu can monopolize the presidency to end of the world. And Given that the end of the world is daily taking the shape of a mirage…

The fact that every other Tom Dick and Njuguna, and his dog from the Kikuyu wants to be president doesn’t help matters much. This actually  strengthens the perception that indeed there might b a grain of truth…

The only way to “defeat a Kikuyu” is for members of other communities to back one candidate to run against the one from Kikuyu. This is exactly what happened in 07 elections, with ODM comprising of people from tribes whose only ideology was to dislodge PNU’s kibaki(read:Kikuyu) from power! In fact, ODM had a social wing carrying out project 42-1.

Being a Kikuyu I can tell you that the presidency does NOTHING for the majority of the members of the tribe. The proportion of unemployed is as bad in the Kikuyu community as it is in other tribes, probably even worse. I witnessed Kikuyus lose their lives, loved ones, property, and business links – their bloodlines – just because Kibaki is a Kikuyu. It, therefore, hurts me to see my fellow Kikuyu insisting on another Kikuyu presidency, considering that the disadvantages of the same  by far outweighs the advantages! Most of us are so blinded by our “leaders”  we wouldn’t  recognize self-interest if it came dressed in a mini and slapped us on the face!

The presidency in the current constitutional dispensation is virtually ceremonial (and you can ask Kibaki how sweet he is finding it; The various appointments that have been quashed, and the memo to Parliament which Parliament can choose to ignore, are cases in point).

In the unlikely event that my fellow  Kikuyu change their minds please vote for anybody else apart from Raila. That Guy wouldn’t know government  If it came bearing a check in his name!

As a country,  We will only be able only be able to discuss party manifestoes & qualifications of individual candidates when we don’t have a Kikuyu in the ballot paper!

Right now, kenyans are busy talking about how qualified Karua, Uhuru, Kenneth are, but by the time elections arrive ( August,Dec,March) They’ll all have been branded Mt Kenya Mafia and the rest will be history…     


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