Replicate 2002 elections & we won’t need #kenya28feb placebos!

For those of us with short memories,or worse,selective amnesia, I’m referring to a point in time when I was really really proud to be a Kenyan!

The campaigns were fun: no tribal tags, one took money from rich (read: corrupt politicians) and voted for his/her leader of choice, nobody got threats from neighbors because they considered them  “outsiders”. There was no PEV  I recall that “Christmas election” with nostalgia!

One factor which many Kenyans refuse to credit with this peaceful and blissful ’02 elections is that THE TWO MAIN CANDIDATES WERE FROM A SINGLE TRIBE! Kenyans were, therefore, forced to rise above “tribe”  as a qualification for the presidency. We were able to argue on party policies, academic qualifications, age, experience etc of the candidates.

After the elections were announced there was actually a spirited effort by Kenyans to “straighten things out” without “tunaomba  serikali iingilie Kati” crap. A case in point was the people actually arresting bribe taking policemen!

If we could replicate this ’02 election scenario Kenyans can rise above tribal politics and embark on making Kenya an African tiger by 2030.

I’m proposing a revolving presidency as the way forward. Each tribe gets a shot at having one of their own as the president without interfering with the day to day kenyans’ activities of eking out a living, like it happened during ’07/’08 PEV. Unless of course there’s a tribe which doesn’t have the capacity to produce leaders…

I understand this is not exactly  the “democracy” you read in all them big books, probably written by suckers with half your intelligence, but it’s the only way forward for Kenya to rise above tribe and prevent PEV.

Imagine a situation where we have Raila and Tuju in the runoff. Tuju would win hands down!   


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