My take on singing of the national anthem on #kenya28feb.

For starters, the national anthem is sang in all schools in Kenya (high-school, primary, public / private) twice a week & it’s sang at the start of every  other official function.

Don’t even get me started on how we got forced to stand at attention to sing the damned song + the loyalty pledge during Moi’s…

If singing the national anthem had the power of uniting Kenyans we’d be fused by now!

Secondly I have an issue with Kenyans buying crap from NGOs about shouting & carrying placards for five minutes and thinking that they’ve  changed the world; confusing activity with achievement!

I’m convinced that all those who’ll sing the national anthem on Feb 28th have no idea what caused the 07/08 PEV, or at worst, want a rerun of the PEV by lulling Kenyans into a false belief of “problem solved”!

Go sing the “e mungu nguvu yetu…” and lets see how the country will change  on the 29th!    


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