Why it’s now non-sensical 4 a #Kenyan to vote for a person from his/her tribe

In the old constitutional dispensation, the presidency in Kenya was so powerful that it literally held the power of life and death of its citizens (in case of doubt, ask the late  Robert  Ouko or JM Kariuki).

The president had the power to determine the allocation and distribution of the country’s resources. He/she could decide to develop some areas and neglect others. Appointments to plum jobs in the country invariably went to the president’s and his buddies’ relatives and tribe, and there was nothing  Kenyans could do about it!

This created the perception that if a person has to succeed in life, the president has to be a person from his/her tribe.

Under the new constitution,however, all those presidential powers have been removed and scattered or distributed to other institutions, mainly Parliament and the judiciary.

Next time you vote for a person from your tribe hoping that the gravy train will head your way,shock on you! The president will need permission from Parliament to even see you, and if the meeting is approved, a judge will be found  to put an injunction to that meeting!

The upshot: Go right ahead and vote for your tribesman/ woman and lets see him/ her helping you and your tribe…                   


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2 Responses to “Why it’s now non-sensical 4 a #Kenyan to vote for a person from his/her tribe”

  1. larrygibson Says:

    The Kenyans in mashinani are the ones clinging to ‘mtu wetu’. HAKUSAIDII KITU!!!!

  2. peter Says:

    yeah. great insight for such a time as this

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