Presidency in the Kenyan constitution: Of silver linings and dark clouds

One thing that the new Kenyan constitution managed to do was literally kill the presidency. According to the good books killing is bad, but this is one of those exceptions to the rule.

By killing the presidency, I mean the COE took all the powers of the presidency and scattered them all over the other institutions of governance.

Given that the real causes of negative ethnicity is the perceived benefits of the  presidency to a tribe, and the benefits were possible ostensibly as a result of the power of the presidency, this perception may ebb.

I’ve always maintained that the new constitution is rotten through and through. However, like all dark clouds, this is one silver lining that we, intellectual  Kenyans, can use to prevent another bout of PEV.    

The major problem is that very few people know of this and the few that do have vested interests in maintaining the perception…

I’m just hoping that Kenyans realize this before they start butchering each other, a la ’07’08 PEV, for a president who can’t even give their tribe a sufuria!      


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