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Martha Karua chances of being president compromised by the constitution and female Voters!

January 3, 2012

The new constitution has sections (provisions) gifting women special leadership positions at the Senate and Parliament. This is basically affirmative action taken too far.

Under normal circumstances, women politicians are voted in by men (as women vote for men, my guess being that they confuse the term Leadership with men).

Be as it may, men will now feel aggrieved  that women have been favoured too much. They’ll consider the seats allocated to women more than enough and will, therefore, shy away from voting for women.

Given that women are hell bent on doing what they always do the world over  (voting for men), and men will be hard pressed to vote in more women, Martha karua has her presidential goose cooked!

I walk with a placard written
“LADIES, VOTE FOR LADIES” and you’d be surprised at the arguments I’m getting from voters (both gender). Surprisingly, the arguments are standard the world over (I’ve been “traveling” through Twitter)

Karua’s  chances of being president of Kenya after  2012 elections  are just marginally better than nil!

And this is discounting the work of Omar Hassan( Human rights commission) and his brother Dr kibunjia(NCIC) on ethnic statistics in the civil service.

As I’ve explained elsewhere,  the 2/3 rule in the constitution is actually a “glass ceiling” to women leadership in Kenya.

In fact non of the current crop of elected women MPs will make it back to parliament, unless they go for the special seats, or are appointed by parties…