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Eradicating tribalism and preventing post election violence(revised edition)

April 23, 2010


This goes out to all people of intellect; people, who like me, are tired of being told that we deserve the leaders we’ve got. Unfortunately it’s true. We, who have something between our ears, who have the capacity to change things have done absolutely nothing and then we have acted all surprised-Nay, shocked-when the shit hits the fan.

Kenyans have for long prayed for good leadership and prosperity in the country. However, if you pray to God for something, you are only provided with the opportunity to acquire it. For example, God won’t bring you a job; He will ensure a vacancy that suits you and make sure the info gets to you in time. Like Job of the bible, Kenya has been plagued with numerous seemingly insurmountable problems: a divisive referendum, a bout of post-election violence, hunger, scandals and leaders who are unable or unwilling to rise above ethnic lines in order to lead Kenyans to the Promised Land. This is the opportunity God is giving us to finally come to our senses and use the brains He gave us to create the conditions necessary for the emergence of true national leaders.

It is such a pity that in the land that produced an Obama, we continue to wallo in the miasma  inept and corrupt leadership. This project aims at, inter alia, setting up favorable conditions for the emergence of true national leaders in the country.

My action plan is based on the following premises:-

1) That in order to be able to solve any of our problems- be it post-election violence, bad leadership, corruption etc- we must first overcome our main hindrance: Political tribalism. Normally, Kenyans co-exist in harmony and even intermarry. We ONLY get tribal during heated political events such as referendum or presidential elections. Politicians have made us believe that we are tribal. We are not!

2) That solving political tribalism will essentially demand emergence of True National Leaders preferably, but not necessarily, young who do not owe their allegiance to their tribe but to Kenyans.

3) That to get true national leaders we need to seal all the loopholes which some politicians exploit in order to drive their tribal agenda.

To this end, the following shall happen STARTING with the 2012 General Elections:

From among the group of tribes(ethnic communities) who’ve never had one of their own as President or PM, the electoral body shall conduct a raffle to determine the ethnic community to be designated as the one to provide the country with presidential candidates. This shall be done two years prior to expiry of a current presidential term. For 2012, however, it shall be one year within 2011.

Once a tribe has the docket, it produces all the candidates from which voters will elect the president! A concrete Example, the Gusii community shall be the “presidential tribe” in 2017 General elections. All the presidential candidates shall be from that community. All Kenyans shall vote from among those candidates

The president shall serve a one 5-year term. In case of a vacancy in the presidency before the 5 years are over, all the candidates for the replacement shall come from only that specific tribe.

The presidential candidate shall choose a running mate who will be from one of the communities not eligible to produce a presidential candidate.

All this will:

a)      give the country political stability by virtue of making the political process predictable.

b)      Lead to emergence of true National leaders voted for by all Kenyans and who, therefore, owe their allegiance to KENYANS rather than tribe.

c)      Lead to NATIONAL COHESION as all Kenyans shall be choosing from just one tribe.

d)      Prevent post-election violence which, by and large, results from tribes competing for political power.

e)      And much more…

If this isn’t functional democracy, then I don’t know what is! This is what I prefer to call democracy tempered with affirmative action. This is because even tribes which don’t have the numbers will still have a chance to lead the country.

This will be the last nail in the coffin of tribal politics. This is because all the candidates will be from only one tribe at a time so it will be utter nonsense for any politician to tell people to vote for a person from their tribe.

This will now herald the emergence of true national leaders, leaders who will be elected by Kenyans on the basis of other qualities other than tribe. They will be answerable to Kenyans. .

It will now be possible to choose young leaders, female leaders or whatever other trait we so prefer, without being blindsided by tribalism

In the unlikely event that this doesn’t happen, we should brace ourselves for another episode of post election violence that will make the 07/08 one look like a Sunday picnic in comparison!

The fact that the referendum turns out peaceful will most likely be by default rather than design. Imagine that Raila and Kibaki were on different camps in this referendum…?

I wish YOU well.

Nota bene:

After reading all that may be your conclusion is that I am a tribalist. And maybe you are right I opt not to be your typical “Non-tribal”. After all every other Kenyan and his dog profess to be non tribal and yet look at 07/08 PEV…