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 Imbecile intellectuals


 Kenya is among those African countries with the highest percentage of educated people, but with all those brains put together they can barely scratch a 1.7% annual growth rate! In addition, the average Kenyan political behavior is that one of a standard four pupil. Sample this:


ü       A whole people can be convinced that a growth percentage of 7% is not good enough; they kill each other and destroy property to bring it to a respectable 1.7%

ü       People can kill each other over democracy(haki yetu)

ü       They can be lied to and confused to believe that  the only difference between democracy and anarchy is actually the spelling

ü       They believe leaders is the other name for politicians

ü       So obsessed with stupid politics that they can even stop working to listen to a politician telling them how he will create jobs for them

ü       They elect politician on the platform of reform agenda who frustrate the same process once in power, so that they can get elected on the same platform next time.

ü       They elect politicians on the platform of youth agenda, and who promptly raise the retirement age to 80 once in power.

ü       Believe that once their tribe is in power, all their problems become past tense

ü       Human rights means rights of law- breakers

ü       Have to abuse the president to become popular

ü       Confuse democracy with licentiousness

ü       Believe that a new constitution will solve all their problems , including taking them to heaven

ü       Splitting the country is synonymous with splitting the ‘national cake’-whatever that is-which implies they will benefit more

ü       Believe that sports will prevent the next bout of post- election violence

ü       Believe that politicians can arrest themselves, book themselves in, prosecute themselves and take themselves to jail.

ü       Believe that if they stop using their surnames there will be ethnic healing and reconciliation!


You are interested in seeing this sub- species of homo sapience?  Please, pay Kenya a visit!


Religious sinners


85% of Kenyans, and counting, profess to be religious; Churches of one kind or the other  only come  second to pubs. Who would have ‘thank’ it!  The sins that get done in Kenya annoy even the devil!


You need samples? Kwani where were you during the ‘07/08 post election violence, the day mungiki killed just about everyone in a village, carjacking… ?


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