Of Moreno-Ocampo

Anyone with a crude weapon somewhere? Or even better, is there a railway track leading to Argentina that we may uproot?

Reason: Moreno O’campo is “finishing my tribe”!  He has decided to prosecute the masterminds of the post- election violence of ‘07/‘08.

What to do? Lets do the done thing: lets kill all the Argentineans we know. Lets  kill Morenos, Morinho(sorry, that’s a Portuguese), Messi, Teves,Meza(sorry, that’s a Kuwaiti), Maradona, Madonna( sorry, that’s a … ) and more! And while still at it, let’s have a coffee boycott: let’s uproot all coffee plants, shun all coffee beverages…

No one has ever accused us Kenyans of being intelligent. Or have they?


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